Are the Communists Running False Flag Child Abuse Stories? The Ranui Abduction


On November the 18th 2016, the communist mainstream media ran a story on a boy who had allegedly been abducted in the West Auckland suburb of Ranui.

“Boy, 11, abducted and sexually assaulted in West Auckland”

The case dragged on for days without any progress, apparently the boy was too “traumatized” to give a description as was the family to issue a statement.

It was broad daylight, just after school but there were no witnesses, no one seemed to know where the boy had been or been taken.

5 days later the police still hadn’t even interviewed the boy:

It then dragged on for many weeks, still with no identity sketch released, no other details, no names, no witnesses. Nothing.

Just “a man in a grey van”.

“On-going investigation into 11-year old boy abducted and sexually assaulted in west Auckland”

Men who drive grey vans across Auckland were all glared at for weeks – but still nothing.

Months later – still no details released at all.

Ranui abduction: Two months on, no arrests, no justice

Whale Oil – Cameron Slater most likely another Sayanim agent – jumped on it of course and used the word “evil” – an invention of the communists essentially. One wonders why Cameron Slater has never bothered to report on the Justin Davis Files – the biggest child abuse scandal in NZ’s history. Or why he never covered the Pizza Gate Scandal? Oh how they deceive.

Evil visits Auckland: 11 year old kidnapped, sexually assaulted, released

Now anyone who lives in Auckland these days knows, you can’t scratch your own ass without some pervert catching it on camera. There are street cameras and security cameras all over West Auckland, not least around Henderson, the main entry point to Ranui. There are also speed cameras placed permanently around some of the schools in that area – but no, nobody saw a thing.

A group called “Kiwis Unite” then set up a fundraising page and made $13,000 which they claim to have given to the “family” – an unnamed family who still hadn’t even issued a statement. Someone is always making some money off the deal, rest assured.

Keen eyes will of course notice the two main numbers used in this news story, they being “11” and “13”. Perhaps best if we don’t put off our readers here by explaining what those two numbers mean in the Masonic cult, but they certainly always use them.

Keen eyes will also be aware that it was the West Auckland Police who managed to cover up the Roast Busters Scandal for months as many more girls were raped and abused, including by the son of one police officer.

This has all the usual hall marks of a false flag news story in our opinion, possibly aimed at setting someone in the community up (who drives a grey van – an anti communist blogger perhaps??) , but fell over for some reason at the last minute and they had to follow through anyway. Or just to spread panic, suspicion and division among the community which would arguably an act of treason by all of the officials involved.


Image – Detective Senior Sergeant Jason McIntosh – could he be a Freemason? And does he recall his oath to NZ Sovereignty?

The real story about child abuse in New Zealand is of course the Justin Davis Files which alleges that children are being drugged and raped by ‘communist’ doctors, dentists and even MP’s up and down the Country every day of the week – but the media has done their best to cover all of that up and the police have certainly never investigated.

Or just take a close look at the Scott Watson case – and how the entire government and media are deployed to set an innocent man up when ordered to – and  also exposed in the Justin Davis Files


Image- the same crisis actors used at all of the so called “terror” events (really false flags) – mass hysteria and fundraising ensues…..




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