Police State Auckland in Lock Down for Communist Chinese Leader Visit


Tuesday 29/03/2017 – Auckland

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Black military looking helicopters are swooping over top of Auckland City in numbers never seen before. Faceless police in motor cycle helmets are blocking off roads and busy inner city intersections.

The entire Auckland CBD is being made to stop and acknowledge / worship Dear Leader Li Keqiang’s  State visit to Auckland where he will meet with New Zealand’s communist (posing as a Roman Catholic) ‘leader’ Bill English to discuss how best to enslave their respective populations with more rules, regulations, taxation and of course ‘free trade deals’.

They could of course have met in a quiet countryside resort just out of Auckland, but then nobody would have even noticed.

New Zealand’s bent commie media whores are salivating all over their $500 top of the line brand name shoes (made in China admittedly, but under strict licensing laws):

“Li and Prime Minister Bill English attended a gala lunch at the Langham Hotel in Central Auckland today.” – Herald.


Image – care of Herald – Fran O’Sullivan, possibly a woman and arguably the Nation’s leading expert at painting up Communism as Free Market Capitalism, and highly rewarded for it…and some other twat with a rather tragic John Key styled lispthe –  the best they can manage these days as a display of ‘Kiwi male’ participation in this corporate / communist takeover.

One could be forgiven for thinking the Chinese army have actually invaded today with all of the racket going on. Media Whores would like to assure readers however that this is not the case because if/when the Chinese Army ever does invade, the first thing the Masonic cult that runs our Government and Councils will do is shut down the motorway exits – and this has not happened.

Much like communist Obama’s State parades with around 50 black limousines shutting down entire US cities, all the noise and police presence is done to make sure the tax paying slaves know who their masters are – and you will stop and worship them, like it or not.

All of this fanfare is funded by you the rate payers and tax payers, of course – but best you get used to it.

For those still struggling to figure out what is going on due to their passive/ aggressive addictions to the mainstream media, communism is when the workers pay almost everything they earn to the state, who then provide the ‘services’ and eventually nothing actually works and they end up killing most of you – think, Auckland traffic congestion, sewerage & sodium fluoride in your water supply, ever increasing water and power bills and rates, all the new homeless, all the new hookers and brothels, year on year record meth hauls, the ongoing record child abuse stats, and police who do not even show up to ram raid and burglary crime scenes, just as a few quick examples. All of it achieved with around 60-70% taxation these days, plus asset sales and record borrowing on top. It is pure madness and anyone still trying to convince you it is “free market capitalism” we would argue is a prime candidate for reeducation camp internment – that would include the mindless parrots at the likes of Business Herald and NBR.

Rewind just 50 years and everything was booming with under 25% net taxes. Taxation destroys…..and its called Communism. The Masonic criminals that have infiltrated our entire system of Government and now control all sides of the ‘debate’ are destroying New Zealand on the orders of their foreign masters as fast as they possibly can.

Tax payers are however asked to look at the positive side as all of the whore houses are predicted to be packed tonight and there may well be more meth on the streets than we have seen in years. Not that there is any actual tax revenue from either.

The communists now control Russia, China, most of Europe and now even the USA with Trump, another Goldman Sachs puppet and thus a globalist / communist by definition, awaiting his moment of betrayal to those stupid enough to have supported him in the latest elite-con.

Their Long March to take over the entire World and form their One World Communist dictatorship is near complete – and the thumping of the black military and police helicopters across the Auckland skies today is their subliminal  notification to Kiwis that they have indeed ‘arrived’.

Communist regimes have murdered over 150 million of their citizens in the past 100 years – something you will never hear the media talk about – but they will remind you of the “6 million” Holocaust figure almost everyday of the week for the past 75+ years – the new religion of the communists, Holocaustianity.

Other opinions from Youtube – legal disclaimer, Media Whores has not stated that Communism is a Jewish agenda, but many people throughout his-story certainly have: – any protest or complaints about the 3rd party opinions below should be directed to Youtube, the content provider. 






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