32 Tourists Killed in Communist New Zealand in 32 Days…Unreported

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Featured Image – record numbers of tourists are said to be flooding into New Zealand via Auckland Airport this season – but are they prepared for the new communist reality here down under?


Communism 101 – 74 cents per litre on your petrol, and road pot holes everywhere you go. At 74 cents per litre on all petrol, plus car registration fees and speeding camera fines, the roads should all be gold plated by now – but they are not, because the kiddie fiddling commies steal all of that money also.

The communists even put up road works signs and a road cones at places they think might help cause an accident, then just leave them there and wait for the fatalities to happen. The start of Western motorway heading out of Auckland City for example has had “80km/hour” warning signs all the way up it for the past 3 months and there are no road works at all. The signs are there just to help slow things down and cause frustration, delays and therefore accidents.

The commie sodomites that set up the traffic light systems also have them set to “try and cause accidents mode” and are also therefore prize candidates for reeducation camp internment.

The communists love death – the goal is death. Well – death, taxation and sodomy to be precise. They tax you to death, then use that tax money to try and either sodomize or kill you anyway, all while smiling for the cameras and driving around in brand new vehicles funded by you. And rest assured once you die, they will go after your children also, if not at your actual funeral.

Welcome to New Zealand’s new communist reality – the Killing Fields of NZ roads…..funded by you, implemented by Masonic Death Cult child abusers and/or otherwise compromised clowns who pose as leadership, government &/or ‘industry experts’  in New Zealand these days…..

32 Foreigners killed in New Zealand in 32 days

Posted by te2ataria on January 25, 2017

32 Foreigners killed in New Zealand in 32 days

Zombie Democracy – Apartheid Fort NZ

World’s Top Tourist Deathtrap! [Chinese, low IQ migrants, peadophiles, Zimbabwe hitmen welcome!]


ImageSimon ‘Bridges’ – Communist Minister of Road Deaths and Road Sodomy. Is that his real name? And what links does he have to Tauranga serial killers?  In fact who is the real serial killer? 

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