Could Simon Bridges be Tried as a Serial Killer?


Featured Image – the very slick but somewhat creepy and schizophrenic looking Minister of Transport, Simon Bridges. Could he be considered to be a serial killer by law?


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Without wanting to cause any “digital harm”, Media Whores thought we would look into this legal question today: Could the Minister of Transport, Simon Bridges be considered to be a serial killer under NZ law?

Killing someone does not necessarily mean murder we should highlight. People are often killed via negligence, sometimes criminal negligence. We don’t think NZ has a corporate manslaughter law – it was considered by our Minister of “Just Us” – Amy Adams (another Jewish ‘leader’ according to some reports) – but was of course thrown out – no doubt to better help protect them all. The New Zealand Government is of course a privately owned and registered  corporation  and thus a corporate manslaughter law would be a huge risk to all of our communist ‘leaders’.  Not least of which would be Simon Bridges – another Jewish man according to some reports – and the man at least in part responsible for New Zealand’s ever increasing road toll.


Image – Hollywood’s portrayal of a real serial killer – some say the resemblance to Simon Bridges MP is uncanny.

One of the first things the Simon Bridges, Michael Woodhouse  & National Party regime tried on to help ‘manage’ the road toll was impose strict adherence to speed limits over the holidays periods, what they called low tolerance for speeding over the 100km limit – this resulted in a more than 100% death rate over those periods. A huge success for the communists. Cleaning up road fatalities is a huge business and insures police, coroners, judges and even insurance companies are all kept busy. There is even a spin off in terms of the families of the victims coming to visit the scene of the crime, often for many years into the future.

Kiwis are now paying around 74 cents per litre on their petrol, plus road user charges on all diesel vehicles, car registration fees and 10’s of millions more these days in red light camera and speeding fines, and yet the NZ roads remain some of the unsafest and worst kept in the developed world and the road toll rate just keeps increasing.  In fact it is not uncommon for an entire gang of tax payer funded foreign workers to show up at an otherwise nice piece of road, dig it up overnight, and replace it with a giant pothole or three before disappearing into the tax payer funded shadows a few days later. You can even find ‘road safety messages’ on the motorways close to Taupo which tell motorcyclists to “watch the road” – pure 1984 madness.

In fact New Zealand’s road toll has become steadily worse and worse under Simon ‘Bridges’ and the communist National Party regime  – which poses the question, if New Zealand were to implement a Corporate Manslaughter law, could Simon Bridges and his counterpart Michael Woodhouse (if not the entire National socialist party) by tried in a court of law as serial killers?

Oddly enough, Media Whores found another website while researching this story which claims Simon Bridges has the appearance of a “serial killer” (their words not ours) – not that one’s appearance would have any standing in a court of law.

“Simon Bridges…….extremely dodgy with the appearance of a serial killer…should ABSOLUTELY NOT be in parliament…”

In summary – without a Corporate Manslaughter law, it is unlikely that Simon Bridges could be tried in a NZ court as a serial killer. A public prosecution could of course raise some of the issues above and perhaps encourage Simon Bridges and his team to actually do something about the killing fields that are NZ roads, but we doubt very much the “Just Us” system would find him guilty of such allegations.

So in the meantime the killing goes on, funded by tax payers and explained away by the communist elites in the Government we fund. New Zealand is now statistically more dangerous for tourists than Iraq under this new communist reality. 32 tourists died in NZ in just 32 days over the past holiday period, most of which were on our roads. This website here is doing a better job than the mainstream media of covering the state sponsored carnage.


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