Media Whores being Spied on and Stalked Everywhere We Go


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Media Whores thought we would document here the extent to which we are now being spied on by our criminal soviet/ communist ‘Government’.

Mike Bayley from Bayley’s Real Estate was the first to put a private investigator on our case – Mike Gilllam from Tompson Toresen – nothing more than a corporate terrorist in our opinion – after we published an article exposing Mike Bayley’s use of the Israeli Hexagon in his branding and his support for selling off NZ housing stock to the Chinese Communist Party while record numbers of Kiwis went homeless. Mike Gillam started out by phoning and threatening the  family members of people involved  with this website. Then the entire website was taken down by a New Zealand hosting company, presumably on Mike Bayley’s orders, taking it upon himself to regulate  NZ”s freedom of speech.  There will be no arguments while we sell off your Nation for private gain please. We moved the site overseas the next day.

Since then, we have noticed everything we do online is being monitored and often restricted – usually in real time. If the spies do not want us Tweeting, the account is suspended (14 times so far), if they don’t want us posting something on Facebook, then that website trips up and will not let us post. All of our emails are monitored as is our bank account. We have an army of Freemasonic “customers” ringing us everyday to request work (for our business activities) then they disappear and cancel that work a few days later. We have government funded psychologists ringing us to discuss “work” who then also muck us around. It seems they actually monitor your bank account in real time and try to trip you up on your bills (mainly hosting bills) by trying to get you to think you will have enough money coming in at a certain time, before those same soviet/ communist spies cancel the work orders, or do not pay when they said they would.

All of our phones are bugged and monitored, they sound alerts when nothing has happened, all important calls have a strange back ground noise going on, we even get weird phone calls while we are writing provocative stories from guys with names such as “Kull” who say intimidating things such as “where are you based” and “what are your staff’s names” before they hang up. Private numbers everyday also, no messages, no one on the other line. A couple of threatening South African accents too – the communists from SA have flooded in in recent years also, since helping bring SA to its knees.

We get letters from treasonous communists in the Ministry of Justice almost everyday, usually with trumped up/ made up traffic tickets and associated fines, often for places we have never even been. They refuse to supply evidence, even photographs (as required by law), then keep writing back every week about the same made up fines even after they have been dismissed – around 100 pages of letters in the past 12 weeks alone.


Almost every time we step out the door we are followed, watched and often even approached by communist spies and agents who start asking us weird questions about “flat earth” or “the reptilians”. Often they appear to be hookers, who quite literally wait outside our door and ask if they can borrow our cell phone, or even come upstairs for a drink. We have had hookers waiting in cars right outside our door with music playing and when you go out, they ask what you are up to and where you live etc. Most of them have been polite and pleasant we might add – but that’s clearly  not the point.

In fact, we reckon they have an App they are using to track ‘political dissidents’ – bit like the Pokemon Go App/ game which allows whole groups of people to chase certain targets around using maps. All of the people who seem to appear around us, or follow us are almost always staring into their handsets when we see them.  It wouldn’t surprise us if Pokemon Go was a cover story for communist spy training – it was pushed by foreign bank owned counter intelligence operation Media Works after all.

Nicky Hager did a very good piece on “Sayanim” spies in fact – Jewish citizens who are stationed around the World and employed to spy on  citizens of that nation and report back to to central command (Israel). More and more this is starting to look like what Media Whores is dealing with. Tracked everywhere we go, most likely by a cell phone App used by the ‘communists’.

Almost every second or third day of the week there are at least two commie looking bastards sitting right across from our balcony in the park bench, with sunglasses on, staring straight up at our window. They literally stare straight at you, despite being 50 metres away and their being 100 other apartments to choose to stare at.

Every time we go to a cafe or bar, people show up almost immediately and start using their iPhones to take sly photos, or simply approach and again start asking about “the Rothschilds” or “the Aliens” or some other crap. The ‘agents’ have been deployed and its incredible to see how many come out of the woodwork.

We have had a number of strange text messages and voice mails asking us if we want to buy “crack”. One voicemail the other night literally said “call me if you want that 100 dollar bag of crack” – as if a real drug dealer would leave a message like that?

The building manager where we live has started insulting us every time we pass him in the building. He has been told nothing about ‘us’ by ourselves, but somehow seems to be very upset and chucks personal insults at us every time he passes. Another miserable old commie agent it would appear. He even launched into an attack on Nicky Hager the other day in the corridor and literally said “there are only about 6 of you out there”. Our response was “If you only watch Sky TV, you would actually have no idea”. Also of note was he took down our “Fluoride in the Water” warning within 24 hours. It has now been replaced with an advertisement for Uber – another ‘Chosen by God’ global corporate. There will be no warning the slaves that they are being poisoned thank you – by the way, please use our taxi service  with large scale offshore tax licensing arrangements.

The building manager even sent a drug dog and policeman up to the outside of our apartment last week to sniff outside for drugs – nothing was found. Intimidation and bullying to go with your Auckland rents.

Things got a little to much today when we came back to our apartment and found an ashtray sitting on the table by the computer had been tipped over. Not an accident, it was sitting in the middle of the table, but close to the PC. We bring it inside after use as the wind of birds often get it. At first we noticed just a little ash on the keyboard, then saw the ashtray on the floor – we had only popped out for 20 minutes, much shorter than usual. Someone was clearly in a hurry. Unsure what they were doing.We went straight downstairs to the building manager’s apartment (the only other person with a key) and he wasn’t in – we rang his mobile number on the door and he appeared in the lift almost immediately with a man with a “Meter Reader” jacket on. The ‘meter reader’ smiled and made a direct beeline for the exit door. The building manager assured us he had not just been in our apartment. Creepy as.

Someone seems to be alerting the commies as to each time we leave the building – possibly someone upstairs, if not the building manager himself.

It is our estimation that we, Media Whores are being more closely watched and spied on than your average motorcycle gang, if not all the gangs combined. And simply for publishing articles on the communist/ soviet takeover of NZ.

Media Whores asks our readers put all of this aside for one minute however and join us in one minutes silence to remember the Holocaust……………………………………..Thank you.

This is the new soviet. communist/ 1984 reality we were all warned about many years ago – apparently run by our own government, the tax payer funded GCSB, with the help of Israeli IT companies and Israeli and Russian hackers and remote spies.

And its arguably treason when state employees are engaged in it:

Crimes against public order
Treason and other crimes against the Sovereign and the State

One wonders what they will try next – setting people up for crimes is a favorite of these sodomites, using fake witnesses, sometimes even fake victims and always corrupt coroners. They can now plant files on your computer, doctor your phone records, photoshop photographs, even record your voice and create fake recordings with it. Or perhaps even just assassination of bloggers? Nothing would surprise us- as these people are sick demented satanic power crazed freaks. And the Just Us system is right behind them in our view, in fact they are ones running this entire soviet takeover as far as we can tell.

New Zealand is a Sovereign Nation, with its own laws, and a law of treason if those who have sworn an oath to protect its sovereignty are doing otherwise/ attacking it. We also have sovereignty guaranteed to any of the people of the land whom so choose under the Treaty of Waitangi – so called Tangata Whenua (people of the land- that’s anyone who lives here) – and more than that we all have the  ‘God’ given right to be sovereigns in our own merit, and not to be molested, bullied, stalked and spied on by a private corporate (now communist) state. We also have the right to freedom of thought and speech and to criticise the Government and its actions if we see fit, again without being bullied, harassed and molested.Lest We Forget and all that.

Unfortunately, Lest We Forget seems to have been replaced with one 58 inch flat screen TV per household – with full documentary reminders each day on the horrors of the Nazi Germany. Rest assured that renegotiating that deal going forward will be something of a challenge once your Sovereignty and laws have completely gone.

Media Whores remains very pissed off about the child abuse and other coverups by our Just Us system, media and Government. We are pissed off about the traffic congestion, the new homeless, the hordes of Kiwi women being turned into sex slaves via the new communist sex and meth industries, and the 60-70% net taxation being demanded to ‘achieve’ it all.  Also still very pissed off about the 911 attacks and the mass murder that has ensued, some of it in our names- that’s really fucked up.

When sodium fluoride is being added to the public water supply, rest assured it is a mafia that governs over us, not an ‘intelligentsia’ or government of the people.

The big issue now however seems to be whether or not we are even allowed to discuss such matters, without a boot stomping on one’s face.

Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe. – PLATO, The Republic

Colossians 1:27

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