Meet Our New Insect Overlords…..


Something lighthearted for the end of week – how to spot our new shape shifting demonic overlords. Care of the prophetic Simpsons & Trample on Snakes from Europe – a very creative chap and keen eye on events. Something of a parody on the whole reptilian/ alien fad……

If shit gets Biblical, here are a few quick ways to identify one of the living dead:

  1. First do the blink test, human beings blink on average about once every 10-15  seconds. Once every 3-4 seconds is an indication there could be something else going on biologically behind those eyes. – Blade Runner Blink Test
  2. Keep an eye out for an aversion to the sunshine and being in the sun. The sun is the source of all life on this planet – being afraid of it is highly suspicious.
  3. Cold dead feeling skin. Human red blood runs warm through the veins – not cold.
  4. Oddly shaped / deformed and undersized genitalia  – said to be the most difficult of the human body parts to replicate while shape shifting.
  5. Near constant lying and deceit – often represented as fun and games. Best indication is, if you see them doing it to others behind their backs, rest assured they will be doing it to you also.Sleep with one eye open so to speak.
  6. Try some direct questions eg) Do you think skyscrapers collapse when on fire? Is sodium fluoride good for your bones and teeth? Should the Crown investigate their historic child abuse? Simple and fast ways to expose a suspected demonic possession.
  7. Personally we at Media Whores are very suspicious of those black rimmed reading glasses, often just a prop to disguise cold unfeeling eyes, or the rampant blinking, but that is not scientific, just a hunch, like most of these to be fair.
  8. Constant nervous twitching, cold sweats, inability to sit still.
  9. A bathroom full of new age men’s ‘beauty’ products, essentially all kinds of toxic chemicals smeared over the skin in early morning pre-corporate/ corpse rituals.
  10. Odd attraction to serial killer movies, TV shows and video games and just blood in general. Possibly even into subtle forms of self mutilation.
  11. Known to tell jokes about child abuse or find such jokes entertaining.
  12. A fondness for theories that the entire human race will be exterminated or known to promote such theories.
  13. You can guarantee they will work in a corporation and often have strange unexplained schedules and after work meetings, often returning flustered and stressed.
  14. Often big supporters of almost everything the government does, because they know the real agenda.

Other people’s opinions- not to be taken too seriously:- please direct any complaints to the third party content provider, Youtube. Not necessarily opinions shared by Media Whores or its contributors. No insects were harmed in the filming of this clip to the best of our knowledge……


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