Is the Anne Frank Diary a Hoax?


Large parts of the so called diary of Anne Frank were written with a ball point pen, which was not invented until many years after wwii….and some other interesting arguments that the diary was a fake below:

“The results of tests performed at the BKA laboratories show that portions of the work [Anne Frank’s diary], specially of the fourth volume, were written with a ballpoint pen.”

– Al Fredricks, New York Post, October 9, 1980

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Once this was exposed, the powers that be claimed it was only a few pages- added later by someone else – a change to the original story that she kept a “secret diary”  – eg) link

Media Whores supports freedom of speech and just freedom in general really – even if Amazon doesn’t :

Is the Holocaust just a new age religion? It does sound a bit like a holy cause after all……


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