A Beginners Guide to the ‘Age of Aquarius’

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By some accounts mankind has studied and documented the lights in the sky and their constant precise cycles for at least 500,000 years. In just the past 75 years, that entire body of knowledge has been replaced with one word: “NASA” – often referred to as “Never a Straight Answer”.

More and more people are starting to awake to the awkward reality that everything NASA has ever told us is a lie.

Knowledge is systematically suppressed and used to rule over the masses –  along with religion and royalty, from the Latin root word Religo, meaning ‘to bind together’. Knowledge is power and official history is nothing other than the suppression of knowledge. Those who rule over us suppress the knowledge and give the masses false ‘beliefs’ instead – thus the word his-story.

Humanity is suffering from a lack of knowledge (power) and are instead drowning in their beliefs – believing in things other people have told them are truths. Hidden in the word belief/ believe is the word ‘lie’. This is no coincidence. Other obvious examples are Alien, the Allies (war is a racket after all) and alas even the Beliebers.

Beliefs are essentially lies or half truths pushed onto the public in order to create division, and thus the need for ‘rulers’ to bind them all together under government, so they can be more efficiently farmed and taxed.

The primary purpose of the modern day governments and media is to help sell these false beliefs and thus division – racism, man made climate change, NASA, left/ right politics, and the war of terror being a few obvious examples. Corporate government and media are in fact the real terrorists of the day. The corporate media, the Government, the entire education system and even the new religion of the iPhone, push false beliefs upon people to help insure that they are far too busy arguing over their respective opinions to ever investigate and agree on any real knowledge.

Perhaps the best example of this is the recent cover up of the biggest astrological event in 2,160 years, if not 12,960 years – that being the transition of the rising Sun into the sign or constellation of Aquarius.

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ – its is a scientific fact. And a very important fact because the season of the sun effects everything down here on this material plane,  just as the smaller seasons of summer and winter do.


Every morning for the past 2,160 or so years, the rising Sun when viewed from the Northern hemisphere has been in the constellation of Pisces. This means the Pisces constellation has been behind the Sun as it rises each day for roughly the past 2,160 years. There is some debate out there as to what the exact date of ‘transition’ into the Aquarius constellation was, as it is a gradual process, but most experts agree it was 21st December 2012, as predicted by the Mayan Calendar and the ‘End of the Age’. We like the theory it was actually a couple months later on 12th February 2013, the day the old Pope resigned and lightning just happened to strike the Vatican. According to the tell-a-lie-vision at least.
The ruling planet of the Pisces constellation is Jupiter, known as Zeus in Greek mythology, the God of thunder and lightning. Somewhat remarkable that Jupiter/ Zeus/ Juzeus just happened to send a bolt or two of lightning down precisely on top of the Vatican the very day the old Pope stood down. One can’t rule out that was done by CGI however – much like the airplanes on 911 were.

Oddly enough, all of the the Pope’s for the past 2000 odd years have worn hats that resemble a fish (ie Pisces), and the new Pope has suddenly decided to wear a hat which seems to signify the water bearer or ‘cup’ bearer ie) Aquarius.



You will find the same astrological clues & truths in all of the ‘Lamb of God’ religions, Isis-Lamb included.Just check out the number 72 in Islam and the Bible – there being 72 x  30 degree shifts in the zodiac in every 2,160 year period of time. Also the number 12 , 12 Disciples of Jesus, 12 Imams of Mohammad, and 12 main constellations in the skies above us. 12 hours of day & night, 12 months of the year and 12 x 2160 periods in every so called “Great Year” of 25,920.  Not to discredit the universal truths included in the religions about the temple of the soul and loving thy neighbour etc, but they do all  borrow off the same astrological knowledge.

Leonardo da Vinci did his very best to highlight some of this a few centuries ago…..

History repeats as they say and we have been through all 12 of these 2,160 year periods many times. One obvious example would be the giant ‘golden’ Sphinx sitting in the desert in Egypt, a monument to the age of Leo / the Lion / the so called Golden Age of the heart / the lion hearted.


The Golden Sphinx / Lion gazes perfectly due East toward the rising sun in the age of Leo (10,500bc)

Likewise the Great Pyramids align with the Pole Star / due north with greater precision than Greenwich Observatory and map out the constellations in the sky at the time they were built.

Despite  the best efforts of our predecessors in building these giant clues and reminders for us,  humanity forgets all of this knowledge as it descends down into the dark ages and the powers that be are making every effort to make sure it doesn’t return, primarily by feeding everybody a constant stream of lies, war, violence, sex, sodomy and pedophilia via the Herald, Sky TV, Netflix and Media Works, and aided by the ongoing chemical warfare playing out in your supermarket and fast food restaurants.

Click image above to enlarge – the Sun crossed through the ecliptic into the constellation of Aquarius recently, signifying the end of the so called ‘dark ages’ and beginning its journey back towards the Golden Age. 

Aquarius is an air sign and known as the awakening period, a man pouring knowledge down onto earth (via the wireless internet and airwaves presumably) and all of this knowledge is now available for people to learn if they switch off the ridiculous media whores and look. You may have also noticed that man is now moving around the planet in airplanes/ by air, as opposed to by ship/water – arguably also highlighting the shift from Pisces water sign into Aquarius air sign.  Examples like these arguably display how the ‘seasons’ above appear to ‘manifest’ down here on earth.


In the meantime, the corporate media and governments fight desperately to push all of the various beliefs, opinions  and ‘conspiracy theories’ aimed at keeping people in the dark and thus divided, aided by the sodium fluoride added to the water supply. And sponsored every 5 minutes by a foreign bank offering you a great deal on some more of their counterfeit money (debt) so you can keep up with the latest fashions and at least look your best whilst you are shuffled through life in complete ignorance of your past, present and future.

Luke 12:2

“God said let there be light”

“God is Light”

Some more detailed info on the cycle of the lights in the skies –  care of Santos Bonacci.








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