Nicky Hager on New Zealand’s State Sponsored Terrorism & Revenge Killings

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Featured Image – Nicky Hager. Lest We Forgot. 


Well, guess its all but official.

New Zealand engages in state sanctioned terrorism on other sovereign nations. Funded with your tax money.

If there were a positive side to the allegations that the New Zealand Government are now engaging in the murder of innocent people overseas in our names, it would be the argument that it is now illegal to pay your taxes ie) funding terrorists. About time.

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009

John Key could arguably now be put on trial as a certified war criminal – but will no doubt continue to be ‘honored’ none the less. Same goes for Chris Finlayson, the Minister of ‘Defence’ and anyone else in parliament who voted to partake in these fraudulent wars.

Afghanistan had nothing to do with 911 – in fact by most accounts neither did Osama Bin Laden. The invasion of Afghanistan was about opium production for the pharmaceutical companies and black market, mineral mining, a natural gas pipeline into Europe, and of course the Greater Israel Project – the unspoken agenda.

The Sodomites who control this false ‘war on tera’ (Earth) narrative like to paint up anyone who speaks truth on the matter as some kind of ‘lefty lunnie’ (to quote alleged serial sex offender Bill O’Reilly). Perhaps they are just people who are not that fond of murdering other people’s children?

“On Monday Chief of Defence Tim Keating acknowledged for the first time that civilians may have been killed in a raid in 2010, after previously saying an investigation had found the allegations were “unfounded”.- Stuff

Regardless of the respective motivations, those who pay attention can see that the reality of this fake war on terror is far worse than any of Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson’s allegations…..but these two are certainly holding the doors open for people to ask further questions .

In the meantime, the corporate Sodomites will continue to control the narrative with half truths, dancing around village names and numbers, while continuing to cover up the real story…….that 911 was a completely staged event and all of these wars are thus based on lies.






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