7 Days of Sodomy & Pedophilia – MediaWorks & the Child Abuse Agenda


Featured Image/s – 7 Days – care of the foreign bank owned XXX Media Works.


Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666

Foreign Bank owned Media Works logo – XXX ? The code for the porn industry seX seX seX. 666?

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Somebody mentioned this show to Media Whores the other day and like most things that fall into our lap, we tend to take a closer look.

The 7 Days ‘comedy’ show on foreign bank owned Media Works channel TV3 starts off with a warning that the show may not be suitable for younger viewers as it contains references to sex and various adult themes. If you watch the show this actually includes suicide, pedophilia, illicit drugs, the manufacture of illicit drugs, sex with animals/ beastiality, incest, sexual violence and sodomy. This “hilarity” is of course funded with your tax money via NZ on Air.

Here is the show that we watched online last night in which the above references were made  – 7 Days TV3 31st March 2017

We lost count after 3 suicide ‘jokes’, 4 sodomy jokes, 4 sexual violence ‘jokes’, 1 child sex ‘joke’, 12 animal sex ‘jokes’, 2 incest ‘jokes’, 3 illicit drugs jokes and around 80 other jokes about sex. Turned it off about three quarters of the way through. The child sex / pedophilia ‘joke’ showed a young girl with her head trapped in some kind of medical device while one of the hosts made references to Gloriaval – hilarious. One sexual violence ‘joke’ involved Ben Hurley pretending to grab someone by the ears and force them to give him oral sex while he shouts “stay there” – most likely a reflection on his own childhood.

The tax payer funded show airs around 9pm at night and does have the viewer warning on it – so what’s the problem we hear the ‘liberals’ who are fond of child sex say…..not least if it is only liberals watching the state funded child sex shows late at night?

Well despite the younger viewers warning announced at the start, the show then goes on to air a segment which involves kids as young as 5 or 7 showing artwork they have produced at school and the ‘comedians’ then make jokes about those pictures. This week they ‘targeted’ Glen Innes Primary School. Yes, a primary school – looking for children to feature on their ‘adult themed’ TV show.  Presumably they ‘target’ a different primary school each week? Included in the ‘jokes’ that followed were some of the ones about sex with animals / beastiality, A class drugs and the manufacture of A class drugs, child sex, suicide and more than 20 other jokes about sex.

Now why would an ‘adult’ themed (we would argue it is simply pervert themed) show bother making the warning about younger viewers and then parade younger viewers across the screen from a local Auckland school and launch into numerous ‘jokes’ about drugs, sexual violence and sex? Presumably the kids who are told they will be on TV that night will try and watch themselves, as will their families and no doubt all their friends at school, and they are then ridiculed and peppered with ‘jokes’ about child sex, beastiality, sex and drugs. If 7 Days are ‘targeting’ a different school across Auckland each week, that could mean they have managed to drop their pedophilia ‘programming’ into every school in the City. This corporate media demoralization of Glen Innes families and their children would appear to go hand and hand with the corporate Government agenda to take their houses off them at the same time. The National Party actually helped bail out Media Works with $43 million of tax payer money a few years back – they are all part of the same Corporate Fourth Reich, or ‘Club’ as John Key put it.

This is in our opinion a shinning example of the child sexualization & moral corruption  agenda we see in most of our foreign bank media these days. Announcing the viewer discretion warning at the start of the show gets the Media Works child sex promoting management off the legal loopholes, but it seems they have then studied and designed a way to encourage the involvement of children in the show anyway, luring them and their friends and families into the fray, where they can be exposed to the child sex and drugs agenda – which apparently also includes incest and beastiality.


Some of the cast  & guests of 7 Days – Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood, Paul Ego (we doubt that is his original name), Ben Hurley, Urzila Carlson, Steve Wrigley, Jeremy Elwood, Josh Thomson, Michele A’Court, Cori Gonzalez Macuer

One of Media Whores most popular articles exposed the ongoing and relentless promotion (and cover up) of pedophilia by NZ’s corporate media these days….

Is the New Zealand Corporate Media Just a Front for Child Abuse Rings?

It has long been alleged that  the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement” – Spymaster and Greg Hallett

We would ask the question : is 7 Days not also part of that agenda/ movement with the above ‘programming’?

As detailed in the article above, we have seen numerous ‘comedians’ and ‘actors’ up on child sex and / or sex and/or sexual violence charges in recent years, most of whom are awarded name suppression by NZ’s “Just Us” system. In fact there was another since we wrote that article. One of them even molested his own 3 year old daughter. Another (we have no evidence it is the same man) actually broke down recently on air.  And Mike King who has a very checkered past in relation to drugs at least. Media Whores would remind readers that Media Works are most likely / statistically the biggest employer of actors and comedians in New Zealand.

Not to suggest that all Media Works comedians and actors are sex offenders with name suppression, but since when did such issues become a laughing matter in our Nation? Well, since foreign bank owned Media Works arrived apparently.

This is clearly a very serious issue – not least since the Justin Davis Files were leaked online and alleged that New Zealand now has gangs of child sex offenders breaking into people’s homes at night and drugging the entire families so they can abuse the children. In fact Media Whores was very suspicious of the story of Cindy George of Ashburton whom police and the media concluded must have left her car running and the garage door open one night, resulting in the deaths of herself and her 3 children- highly unbelievable.

One other clip which got our attention was the cast of 7 Days being asked to give a response to the phrase “fat middle aged men” – at one point the presenter Jeremy Corbett chucked in the word “white” to go with it. ‘Comedian’ Cori Gonzalez Macuer  responded at some point with “they have stuffed up the world”

Media Whores would like to point out to readers that Media Works are the ones apparently promoting  child sex, incest and bestiality as ‘humour’ to the public, and arguably to children, and Media Works is essentially owned and controlled by an ethnically  Jewish billionaire, Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital. Rest assured you would never hear anyone in NZ’s foreign bank owned media suggest that “middle aged Jewish men” have “stuffed up the world”. That would be considered “antisemitic” and it would probably be front page news. Media Whores wonders in fact just how many of the child sex promoting Media Works management are also Jewish?


ImageHoward Marks – Jewish Chairman of Media Works owner Oaktree Capital

Cori Gonzalez Macuer

Comedian Cori Gonzalez Macuer – any relation?

This is in our view a fine example of the subtle and not so subtle ‘programming’ and filth the NZ public are being fed these days by our corporate media, almost all of which is owned by ‘foreign bankers’.

In fact if you research it, almost all corporate media and even most recognized ‘alternative’ media is owned and controlled by Jewish interests. And when they are subtly trying to blame “fat middle aged” white men for their own perverted programming – we at Media Whores feel compelled to highlight it.


Image – almost all corporate Western media is owed and controlled by wealthy Jewish families and business people.

This is of course the same corporate media that has conspired to cover up the staged / false flag 911 attacks and the entire staged war on terror while our governments took away our right to privacy and other long fought for freedoms.

If somebody was trying to set these people up to look bad, they are certainly doing a very good job. We should note really that many people claim most of these billionaire media owners and bankers are not really Jewish at all.

It matters not what race these media people are really – we just wish they would stop promoting Marxist styled debauchery on our airwaves, while blaming “white” people as they do it and billing us all for the privilege.  Why NZ on Air provides tax payer funding for these perverted buffoons to promote beastiality, child abuse, sexual violence and incest on our airwaves beggars belief – but one might reasonably suspect that arm of the Government has the same agenda, if not actually controlled by the same ‘club’ (to quote John Key).

So you can chuck in beastiality, incest and child abuse as things the Kiwi tax payers are made to help fund these days, along with terrorism and revenge killings in Afghanistan. All made possible via the oh so liberal MMP system – 121 MP’s, 70% net taxes on workers…..with ever increasing corruption, debauchery,  immorality and asset and resource sell offs. These people make the Bolsheviks looks like amateurs.

These Global Fourth Reich ‘Liberal’ Corporations really need to be bought to account – and fast – in our humble opinion. Before they abuse any more Kiwi children. Not to mention what they are doing to children and families via their food companies and supermarket chains with associated advertising. Its a death cult they are running, by any serious analysis. Perhaps best labelled – another one of their Holy Causes.

Wakey wakey folks – this shit is anything but ‘liberal’, and we doubt very much these people are who they say they are.

As a side note –  also interesting to see Jeremy Corbett promoting e-cigarettes, possibly part of the foreign bank agenda to make people sterile. 


Jeremy Corbett of 7 Days announces his team of corporate perverts visited Glen Innis Primary School last week, looking for young kids to put on his ‘adult themed ‘ XXX TV show. Check out that facial expression. Demonic?


Media Works owned George FM – look closely for the 666. Media Works use this symbolism everywhere and rest assured,  jokes about pedophilia will accompany it. It is your children they are after…..


Media Works CEO – Michael Anderson – check out that nose! Obviously quite comfortable with pedophilia, sodomy and beastiality mixed with 5 year old children’s art. Sounds a bit like #PizzaGate  oddly enough


Media Works Chief Content Officer – Andrew Szusterman – you couldn’t make that name up if you tried. The man ‘behind’ shows such as 7 Days,  X Factor & Next Top Model – ie, the exploitation, sexual and otherwise of thousands of Kiwi teenagers. This man should be arrested and investigated in our opinion.

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