Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth


Featured Image – Andrew SzustermanChief Content Officer at Media Works  – bring me their children! 


You will know them by their deeds – not their cheesy photos, titles and salaries.

Following on from our previous article about Media Works promotion of pedophilia, beastiality and incest as “humour” using tax payer money, Media Whores thought we would dedicate an article to this man – Media Works Chief Content Officer, Andrew Szusterman. No prize will be offered for guessing the origins of his name, but certainly sounds a bit foreign.

Last Friday on TV3’s 7 Days ‘adult comedy’ show, a child from Glen Innes Primary School was paraded on National TV while a group of 6 grown men (and something resembling a woman) made a series of jokes about pedophilia, incest, beastiality and sexual violence either before or after the child’s appearance.

Apparently children from different schools around Auckland are paraded on this adult pervert show each week.

Did we mention Andrew Szusterman is in charge of content?

Some quick research reveals that this freak has been in involved with most Media Works shows which exploit (sexually and otherwise), hundreds if not thousands of Kiwi youth, including Next Top Model, X Factor, music channel C4 and probably others. Guess he just loves kids…especially other people’s kids.

Media Whores invites Andrew Szusterman to take a good long look at himself and perhaps join the non corporate media in calls for an independent inquiry into NZ’s foreign bank owned and run Government’s problem serial child sex abuse, and perhaps using his media platform to help expose the allegations that NZ now has gangs of pedophiles operating freely in our society, as exposed by the Justin Davis Files.

We suspect somehow those issues would be the very last thing this ‘child entertainment’ enthusiast would wish to draw attention to.

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