Are All Top ISIS Leaders Actually Jewish?


Featured Image  –  ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad Agent.


Media Whores is somewhat painfully aware of the fact that we keep mentioning ‘the Jews’. Please be assured that this is simply because we aim to cover whatever the mainstream media is covering up or not reporting on, be that climate change hoaxes, NASA hoaxes, or alien invason hoaxes.

In fact we think the Jewish people should be encouraged to come out from the shadows and be more proud of their achievements – having gone from allegedly  almost being made into a line of lampshades and fancy soap bars under the allegedly evil Nazi regime of wwii, to owning almost everything and setting up their Jewish homeland in just 75 odd years. Quite an achievement.

Who Controls America?

How they also find the time to pose as leading ISIS terrorists is beyond us really, but we think it deserves special mention….


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