Breaking – Cyclone Sumshit Approaching & We are All going to Die….


Featured Image – Cyclone Sumshit approaches – more cgi from “space”


[Note – watch the view counter go backwards as this goes viral – you are being mind controlled by corporate perverts]

Most people would have noticed, it rained last night in Auckland. It was heavy rain. Quite beautiful and peaceful really. Cleansing everything. And coupled with the warm weather will result in amazing growth in the garden.

Those who have lived in New Zealand for some time will be aware that this happens quite frequently.

If you are stupid enough to listen to the mainstream media whores however, you could have been mistaken for thinking we were all going to die, again.

This is a good example of how the corporate media whores keep themselves all employed, much like the war on terror. And politics. Pure theater.

There was a classic interview with a lady from New Lynn earlier in March when parts of that suburb were flooded and she said “We told the council a few times about the rubbish building up in the river, but they said the river was no longer their responsibility”. No doubt resulting in the flood.

It takes our masonic government and councils months and even years of careful late night planning to make sure there is maximum damage during NZ’s frequent downpours and storms. We have had the resources (and rates) to prepare for them for many decades but the last thing they want is for no carnage to parade on the evening news.

One or two strategically covered up drains can flood an entire park, road, neighborhood or indeed small town in just a few hours.

On this occasion, the government were very well prepared and simply ordered over one hundred schools shut their gates today, insuring an attention grabbing headline.

Extensive work has been carried out on motorways, river and harbour boundaries to make sure they will break their barriers when it rains a bit much, again insuring good photographic food for the TV news.

And it seems one masonic engineer had even been convinced to make sure a slip would occur in a nice wealthy part of town to insure a good degree of shock and awe. If it can happen to the rich, it can happen to any of us.

The fact is engineers know precisely where flooding can be an issue and their is no excuse for the damage. New Zealand has far worse storms and downpours almost every year.

The police and firemen are all ordered to jump in their trucks and cars and drive around making as much noise as possible.

The council will need to put up your rates again of course, to pay for the production and self inflicted damage of another “weather bomb” false flag attack on our collective conscience.

Jack Tame has looked like he was wetting himself on air for the past few days. Not uncommon, but possibly fully ‘briefed’ on the whole psyop.

If you Google “Cyclone Debbie” images on Google and select pages from New Zealand, you will see hundreds of photos of destruction …from Australia. Seems even Google are in on the game – our new hi tech terrorist government in waiting.

It is also near impossible to find some basic historic rain fall statistics online – no doubt also part of the agenda – and a bit like the immigration statistics. We did find this which suggests it fluctuates wildly year on year. The Herald claimed it was “a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours” – but provides no reference. It is impossible to find any reliable historic data these days, despite the internet.There are some stats on the CIA owned and run Wiki-pedo, which are 10% higher than the Herald numbers. We  also found this which suggests the rain was two and a half times worse in 1917.

Any simple data has been carefully removed and hidden it seems. This is what is referred to as “history”. It is reinvented along the way. Lies, damn lies….

Total confusion is the name of the game – and thus an ever increasing reliance on the corporate proletariat of perverts presented on your screens – which now also double as two way spy devices so they can watch your children in real time.

For those a little wiser however, who have learned to shut out the incessant noise and relentless terrorism of our foreign bank owned and run corporate  government and media, it was just another peaceful / beautiful night of rain in Auckland – same as we have had for as far back as we can remember.


Cyclone Debbie from “space” – no time to add in the stars in the background sorry.

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