Operation Talpiot – Israel’s Kill Switches on the World’s Infrastructure


Featured Image – Operation Talpiot – Israel’s hi tech kill switches on all Western and World Wide infrastructure.


Allegations the global masonic network have bribed governments to get their software (and back door kill switches) installed in all important IT infrastructure, making it possible for the Israeli State to wage war with any sovereign Nation they please, simply by pushing a button. Fukushima anyone?

Does Israel have “kill switches” on our power grid, 111 police phone system, eftpos system, atm’s, train lines, WINZ payment software, Novopay (No Pay), and even our entire internet?

PHP website software is Israeli controlled – presumably how our views are hacked and scaled downwards each day.

Israeli IT companies had their hand prints all over the Fukushima explosions 

Israeli IT system running the New Zealand police 111 phone system? Was it a trial run when it went down at precisely midnight the other night? –Radio NZ

What is the best way to silence teachers while Goldman Sachs and John Key took over our so called democracy? The Novopay debacle

1) How Israel planned over 40 years ago to dominate the high technology communications sector.

2) How Israel trained officers from Israeli Military Intelligence to become private entrepreneurs. Now they dominate both the public and private high technology sector.

3) How this plan was titled “Operation Talpiot”.

4) How Israel dominates databases of all kinds from banking to medical, to policing, to NSA sub contractors, to government encrypted communications, to video surveillance systems for Class A critical infrastructure.

5) How Israel and Jewish Power have a tradition of the Sayanim or Helper who assist Israeli Intelligence where ever these Jews live and work, anywhere in the world, giving access to all sorts of public and private sensitive locations.

6) How Israel is setting up high technology co-operation schools under The Technion – their premiere research facility. This co-operation is used to infiltrate into the country of interest.”

Read More: https://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.co.nz/2016/11/israel-greatest-spy-machine-of-all-time.html


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