Jack ‘Tame’ – Demonic Possession?

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Featured Image – Jack Tame – Very Creepy – agreed, but could it be another  case of demonic possession?


Jack Tame has in our opinion been helping to cover up child sex abuse scandals, Israeli terrorism and associated genocide for many years now, all while posing as a ‘liberal’, presumably just so he can look good on TV.

Below, Media Whores takes a look at some of the things we think this corporate (corpse) creep may have been helping to cover up in recent years and asks – could Jack Tame be another case of demonic possession in our foreign bank run media?

We have little doubt that Jack ‘Tame’ is just following orders on his TV appearances, but what sort of human being pushes vaccines that may contain mercury and even monkey kidney cells, and toxic sodium fluoride in the water supply on to an unsuspecting public in exchange for b grade celebrity status?

A  Media Whores video investigation follows:

Are these corporate media whores just tax payer funded b grade celebrity roaming sex tourists?


Monkey kidney cells in the vaccines?

Is the New Zealand corporate media a child sex and drug operation?

Is the New Zealand Corporate Media Just a Front for Child Abuse Rings?

Jack Tame seems to be a big fan of Hollywood – so how did he miss Elijah Wood’s allegations it is run by pedophiles? Was he too busy doing his hair that day?

The cover up of the 911 attacks – how is it possible that 100% of the corporate media all just happen to believe that skyscrapers collapse when they are on fire? Are they all retarded or just corrupt?

But you saw airplanes hit on your TV right? And Jack Tame said it was true!! sob sob….

Is ISIS the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?

The poisoning of your water with sodium fluoride..

The Nick Smith MP child abuse allegations:

MP Nick Smith Hires Lawyer to Silence Child Abuse Ring Rumours

The Justin Davis Files – wholesale child abuse in New Zealand revealed


We could go on – but just read our website for hundreds more….

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