Bill English and the Pizza Gate Reference


Featured Image – some of the ‘art’ used by the Pizza Gate club. Same artist in the Washington DC pizza restaurant that the politicians visit and hold fund raisers in. We apologise for any offense, but can anyone explain why Bill English has apparently chosen to associate himself with it? Rest assured it gets far worse, Its all on Google for those with the stomach


If you are at all unsure about the Pizza Gate allegations or how serious they are – you need to watch the two videos below all the way through- pay attention to the ‘art’ these freaks hang on their walls.

The Pizza Gate allegations have implicated Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama, and many top Washington DC staffers – many of whom are now part of the Trump outfit also. Donald Trump is/was in fact a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, one of the key figures in some of the allegations. Thus explaining Trump’s recent “Syrian gassing” bullshit (we need to do an article on that).

Why anyone in politics would want to make any reference to pizza so close to the Pizza Gate allegations is beyond us really.

Sure enough however, Bill English chose to post a picture of himself making pizza on the internet – a rare photo of himself at home, even smiling for the camera.

Then foreign bank owned ‘XXX’ / 666 Media Works even picked up the story and made a direct reference to Pizza Gate – the political elite child sex abuse and child sex trafficking allegations out of Washington.

Even Media Whores feels a bit lost for words.

Media Whores covered John Key’s frequent references to pizza also.

We do know Bill English spends social time with Nick Smith MP who is facing allegations that he runs a child abuse operation from his electorate office in Nelson.

Artwork and a few instagram pics in second video. These are Youtube videos – so there is nothing worse than you might see on the 6 o’clock news.


Image – “Hell Pizza” New Zealand – also apparently fans of ‘satanism’ & pizza. Just saying. Ever tried checking their sauce ingredients?



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