Has Donald Trump Just Confirmed He is Another Child Sex Offender being Bribed? The Syrian Gas Attack Hoax


Featured Image – Judas Goat Donald Trump holds up the ‘666’ hand sign on the Whitehouse lawn yesterday as he sets up the USA for war with  Russia (and probably China) on the orders of his alleged pedophile handlers in Israel. The bankers plan to completely destroy the West, setting fire to it as they make their final move back to the East again, as they do every 2000 years when they are finally exposed as a bunch of  Satan worshiping serial child rapists and thus start finding it impossible to get laid any longer.


It was cringe worthy. 80 odd days in office then marched out like a cripple in a wheel chair to sell more wars based on lies. Or marched out like a serial child sex offender being bribed is probably closer to the truth, as per usual with these roles.

It takes 3 minutes to debunk this latest Syrian gas attack story on the internet. See videos below.

Those who still worship the religion of holocaustianity need to now admit that they have been duped, again, and go back and look at the facts surrounding Donald Trump’s close friendship with the Jewish / Mossad pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the leaked dossier about Trump being peed on by Russian hookers on a  recent visit, all caught on camera. We have posted them below for you. In fact we posted them before he took office.

Watch now as the other masonic pedophile puppets in China and Russia all play their part and ramp up war with the USA and the West.

For over 75 years now the West has been lied to and duped via their Tel-Aviv-isions – mind controlled by pure lies into believing there is a boogeyman, some people died, or will die, and thus they need to go out and slaughter thousands or even millions of innocent people – for God. Its sick. And its always a “gas attack”, “babies in incubators”, “weapons of mass destruction” or even skyscrapers collapsing into their footprints. Stupidity on a grand scale.

Brainwashed blood thirsty ‘Christians’ across the West have supported almost constant war and genocide since wwii came to a close, all the while worshiping their precious holocaust, and all due to the simple misinterpretation of what the word “Israel” actual means. It is NOT some terrorist state run by mass murdering lying psychopaths in the Middle East – it is the stars in the heavens above you, also replicated in the human brain. Israel is in your head you demonic fools.

Get off the fluoride people  – its also in your beer – switch off the mainstream whores – ditch the retarded holocaustianity mind control and stop supporting the mass murder of other people and their families, because rest assured one day it will be you and your families these serial child sex offending war criminals turn on. In fact, the fluoride in your water and booze is evidence they already have. We all get screwed by the same bullshite and lies.

Legal: Media Whores has not said all ‘Israelis’ are serial child sex offending war criminals. Read it again.

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