7 Top Ways the Corporations are Trying to Kill You & Your Family..

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Featured Image – Graeme Hart holds up the ‘Satanic’ devils horns hand sign at a news conference – part of ‘the Club’ ?– sold off huge chunks of ‘our’ resources and added toxins to almost all of New Zealand’s favorite staple food items , while doubling & tripling their prices – and we are supposed to worship him? How about seizing his assets and  giving him 20 years in a labour camp, then wiping all income taxes on Kiwis instead?



Corporation – Noun- from the Latin root – Corpus – a dead entity with no soul.

Its a death cult folks. Run by inbred greedy assholes and their army of perverted little middle managers.

Media Whores takes a look at the top 7 ways the global corporates / fascists are allegedly trying to kill you and your family – exposing the ‘liberal’ Global Corporate Fourth Reich Holocaust/ Holy Cause:

1)  Sodium Fluoride in your water supply and almost every beverage and drink you can buy in any store, yes, including your beer and wine.  And yes, the New Zealand Government is a privately owned corporation  (thus why they follow the same agenda). Sodium Fluoride is a toxic industrial by product imported from China and added to your water supply. Numerous studies, including from Harvard University prove Sodium Fluoride causes brain damage, Alzheimers and bone cancers. It is the number one reason you see so many old folk (and more and more young folk) struggling to get in and out of their cars and hobbling around the supermarkets unable to push a trolley in a straight line. Their bones are falling apart. The Government and an army of drug addicted, sexually compromised & satanic  doctors, dentists and media whores deliberately misrepresent sodium fluoride as “fluoride”. Calcium Fluoride is another type of fluoride which is actually good for your bones and teeth, in fact it is one of the 12 essential organic cell salts for the body (produced by nature) that the medi-sin profession will never tell you about, as it would put them out of business. Calcium Fluoride is also thought to be an antidote for Sodium Fluoride poisoning – go get some 😉 You are also of course gassing yourself voluntarily when you take a bath or shower. Rest assured the so called ‘elites’ have advanced filter systems or their own wells on their mansion properties.

2) The additives and preservatives being added to all processed foods. This is where Graeme Hart comes into it – in just a few short years he was able to take a swathe of toxic free common NZ food items and add allegedly dangerous additives to almost all of them. The human body is referred to as the human organism. There are 7 major organs of the human immune system.  All you need is organic food for these to do their job and keep you healthy. Your body is in fact is its own pharmacy, far more powerful than anything these new age genocidal psychopaths in the medi-sin industry have ever been able to come up, nor ever will. Every time you ingest those numbers, additives or preservatives listed in foods, you are poisoning your organs and slowing them down so that they cannot do their job properly. This leads to conditions such as obesity, diabetes, muscle and joint pain etc. There is in fact only ONE dis-ease of the human organism and that is being too acidic, also known as unbalanced PH level. The corporate parasites and psychopaths have given this one dis-ease a thousand different names and created a thousand different treatments to sell you, none of which actually work. When you eat a purely organic diet, your body remains free of the chemical poisons and your organs function as they are meant to – keeping you healthy and dis-ease free. When you look around the supermarket these days, it becomes clear that they are not much more than new age gas chambers, with toxic poisons and additives in almost everything you buy. If a new juice company comes out with “pure juice” rest assured someone like Graeme Hart will buy that company and start adding poisons to it as fast as they can. Also be wary of anything saying “pure” which comes in a plastic container – the plastic leaches into the food or drink and poisons you also. “But the Government says those things are safe” – we hear the ‘liberals’ say – refer to number 1 above. They are even now apparently putting aborted human baby cells in some of the “natural flavors” and even make up brands which ‘liberated’ women like to smear all over their faces. You are also being poisoned with MSG at almost every restaurant or takeaway you go to. Its called the “Yum Yum Diet” folks – tastes great, but it has been scientifically designed to k/ill you.

3) Chemtrails – yes they are real. Those wispy looking ‘clouds’ you see each sunny day that are covering up the sun are NOT real clouds. If you listen to the corrupt retards in your media, well, you are unfortunately also retarded.  Chemtrails are said to include many harmful toxins and chemicals and are also causing dis-ease and bone damage. If you maintain a strictly organic diet your body will detox these chemicals as best as is possible.

4) Vaccines – more and more evidence shows that the vaccines being pushed by the corporate psychopaths in Government, medi-sin and media contain numerous toxic poisons, including mercury (a slow death sentence), monkey kidney cells, formaldehyde and many others.  They are murdering you.The good news is your body will detox and heal from almost anything with an organic diet over the long term.

5) All Pharmaceuticals in general – the ‘modern day’ (as in past 100 years) medi-sin industry is yet to invent even one drug which is good for your health. Brainwashed, narcissistic death cult corporate PHD doctors , when challenged with this will try and argue that they invented penicillin – they didn’t – penicillin is a naturally occurring organic compound and is thus provided by nature. The other one a lot of sex offenders posing as health professionals will chuck out is “antibiotics” when the reality is they have only made dis-eases worse over the long run. All pharmaceuticals contain harmful chemicals and toxins, none of them claim to be ‘cures’ (only “treatments”) and they all have long lists of “side effects” which is the harm they do to other parts of your body, usually resulting in the need for even more pharmaceuticals, thus keeping these maniacs in business. Refer to number 2 above for how your body is its own pharmacy and nothing comes close in terms of being able to cure dis-ease.

6) Electromagnetic Wave Frequencies (EMF) from your cell phone, computer and wireless. This is patented technology designed to soft kill you. Leave your phone  at home and switch it off! Every November, Liberals all walk around with their new mustaches as part of a ‘liberal’ campaign to help cure the dramatic rise in testicular cancer  – unfortunately they are all carrying their iPhones in their pockets as they do so. In the interests of ‘equality’ we should also mention the brave ‘liberal’ women uploading videos about their battles with breast cancer before putting their iPhones back in their bras.

7) Sitting at your computer and in your car. Part of the agenda to make all big city traffic congestion as horrible as possible is to help slowly destroy your spinal system. Same with this new computer fad or sitting all day at your desk. Human Beings have never needed computers in the past and the reality is we don’t need them now either – or at the very least, we certainly shouldn’t be sitting in front of them all day at a desk. (Guilty as charged). Computer chairs and indeed cars have all been designed to cause maximum damage to the  lower vertebrae of your back, causing nerve damage which can eventually shut down your entire body. Truck drivers and crane operators experience the same thing. God gave you two feet and you should be using them everyday.

And its all the one same beast at the end of the day folks – all of them are ‘registered’ corporations, meaning registrar, regis/ royal/ regali – to bind them all together – and thus all follow the same satanic agenda, killing the masses for the monotheistic  ‘God’ – the Profit/ Prophet of this World $$$, the snake on the tree.

Keep in mind however – nobody is actually making you chomp on aborted baby fetus ice cream and chocolate at night time while watching pedophilia shows on Media Works, just so some small dick satanist somewhere can get his photo in the newspaper …..you choose to:

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