Who was that Little Man on the Whitehouse Lawn with Alleged Sex Offender Donald Trump? King Abdullah Jordan


Featured Image – King Abdullah Jordan “Your secrets are safe with us Donald”

Nothing frightens Media Whores more than short dick angry little men with fascist tendencies – and lots of money.  Even 3 or 4 of those adjectives and nouns combined is good reason to be on guard.

Generally speaking they are dangerous and long ago figured out that the only way they would ever get laid was by working at night against their fellow man.

They say it is healthy to talk about one’s fears.

When it comes to short angry little fascists who claim to be direct descendants of the Prophet/ Profit Mohammad and are also allegedly Jewish, well to be honest Media Whores becomes rather restless indeed.

Then when we started researching who the strange little man on the Whitehouse lawn was and find photos of him dressed up like Captain America with a codpiece – well, we were so startled that we had to start a post on the topic. Cathartic


King-Abdullah-Jordan – the 5 foot 3 Captain America – God Help Us.

Here is what we are dealing with:

Let’s recap – the closest relation in the World to the historic Prophet of the Islamic religion, fashions himself on Captain America, could actually be Jewish, helped create Israel and is standing on the Whitehouse lawn with an alleged pedophile and multiple times failed businessman who is also posing as the ‘leader’ of the Western World, declaring war on Syria to help fight the Islamic State terrorists, who are really the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, whom the entire Western military industry supplies arms to.

Makes perfect sense.

Even Hollywood would be silenced on this one.

Perhaps those screen writers are all still on strike? Replaced with English as a second language interns?


Could the plot really be that the so called ‘fake’ Israelites have raped, murdered and pillaged their way around the World for the last 2000 years on the back of fake religions that they wrote,  and are finally cementing their own prophecy of returning to their very own military compound in the Middle East (again) as they are exposed as the authors of all the fake religions (which are all based on the same astrology) and as the puppet masters behind the non stop genocide & pedophilia the World has been experiencing ever since they exchanged their own knowledge of the stars and indeed themselves for a false belief in fairy tales and “God’s Chosen People”?

Even we can admit,  it starts to sound a little ‘antisemitic’, and therefore highly unlikely to have come out of Hollywood. Besides, the last thing Media Whores would wish to do is risk causing possible subjective  “digital harm” to other people’s feelings – not least to a bunch of genocidal maniacs – with drones – as they murder children in our names – if that were indeed the case – so perhaps best we advise readers design their own theories.

It would  be far easier anyway to just keep bombing other peoples’ children than to admit we had all been ‘juped’. False pride, mixed with digital harm v’s bombing other peoples’ children. Quite the dilemma.

Sometimes just writing and posting this stuff is enough to ease one’s concerns and make for a better night’s sleep anyway…Although one is left wondering slightly what happens to the rest of the World once they (whomever they turns out to be) achieve their long fought for genocidal dream?

Matthew 24:24 : For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.

(If that quote was referring to Trump, then the Bible is in serious need of an update).

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