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Featured Image – Radio NZ – NZ’s very own Fake News slave mind control operation – funded by you….note the rings of their God Saturn on the logo. Is it  a Satanic Cult?

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Today Media Whores takes a look at the biggest lies, fake stories and cover ups of the tax payer funded Marxist low lives at Radio New Zealand…from child abuse and pedophile rings to ethnic cleansing and genocide for Israel, nothing is off limits for these Communist/ Capitalist / Bolshevik/ Soviet ‘liberals’  – yes, including lead coke sucker John Campbell – a bullshit artist and weasel of the highest order in our opinion.  They are in our opinion nothing more than the cover up arm of the criminal private corporate NZ government who serve a foreign  agenda, not NZ tax payers…..with a few sob stories chucked in to make it all believable and to keep the funding coming in. Its called “the half truth model”  and has been used to control the minds of the ‘lamb’ for thousands of years – same as the religions (as opposed to scripture)

John 8:32

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An explanation on our frequent use of the word ‘communist’  – when the banking industry are free to invent money on a computer screen and lend it out to whomever they deem fit,  at interest, it is NOT free market capitalism.

1 – Let’s start with the most important one – The Justin Davis Files NZ….The Justin Davis Files have been emailed to almost every one at Radio NZ numerous times  (we draw their attention to them again today). They appear to show that there are gangs of ‘communist’ / Marxist chess playing doctors, dentists and high flying businessmen drugging and raping children up and down New Zealand on a systematic basis with the apparent full protection of the New Zealand police and justice system. It exposes the true facts behind many of New Zealand’s biggest murder, child murder and child abduction cases and how innocent people are framed for the ‘hobby’ of these elite communists / Marxists – many of whom are top chess players oddly enough. Straight out of a Bolshevik Russia script. The tax payer funded team at Radio NZ have never even bothered to comment on them. One manager we spoke to there one day simply denied they even existed, despite being sent them many times.  All the while the half truth mind control team at Radio NZ are calling for an investigation into “historical child abuse” by the Crown, while apparently covering up the CURRENT child abuse. You see the goal is never to actually stop the child abuse, its a business. Some of the more junior staff at Radio NZ will be abhorred to learn this of course, but if they look around closely at some of the older bureaucrats who run the station (and possibly play chess or have very strange or suspiciously ‘mundane’ private lives – look out for those black rimmed reading glasses also, some say) they will start to awaken to the realities of the problem. We would use the word “infiltrated” – our society, at every level. We leave it for readers to decide why the Marxists at Radio NZ are so keen to cover up the current systemic sexual abuse of children in our society -but it ain’t rocket science folks. Read the Justin Davis Files and learn that the people named have entire libraries at home of the children they have drugged and raped – possibly even their coworkers’ children – they know when you are at functions after all. Get informed so you can keep your own families safe – the media surely don’t give a damn, if not being directly involved.

‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lenin.

Read More: Pedophilia in Talmudic ‘law’

2 – The HolyHoax – a new age religion and the justification for non stop war and genocide since WWII – for ‘God’.  Radio NZ pushes the Holocaust myth every week, if not everyday – the broadly debunked myth that “6 million Jews” (its always 666 with these people) were murdered by the evil Germans in WWII before the heroic ‘Allies’ (All Lies) could stop them. Never mind the estimated 53,000,000 other (mostly white Christians) murdered in the same war – they get one day a year to remember – the 6 million Jews get worshiped almost everyday of the week. It beggars belief how people fail to see this blatantly racist agenda. They have also never in 70 years reported that the official figure according to some leading Jewish scholars is a lie, or that the International Red Cross put the figure at 251,000, or that documents allegedly show the so called gas chambers were built after the war by the Polish Government, or that the gas chambers had no locks on the doors or windows, or that no one had even heard of the holyhoax until Hollywood started making films about it some years after the war, or that all those photos of dead bodies you have been shown of after the camp liberation are people left behind in the middle of winter who died of diseases and starvation mostly because Britain was bombing all of the trains supply lines (people never even think to ask why there were bodies at all if they were all being cremated) , or that it would have taken the Nazis an estimated 1200 years to cremate 6 million bodies( even if stacked 3 high), or that of the 300 odd video interviews done by Holy-wood of so called ‘survivors’, only a few were ever released and they have all been exposed as hoaxes and lies also. Or that Amazon have just banned all books which question the Holocaust/ Holy Cause. Funny that. Just overworked perhaps?

3 – The 911 Attacks – somehow the entire tax payer funded  “investigative journalist” team missed the fact that explosions were filmed, recorded and reported on by hundreds of people on 911, and that the BBC reported Building 7 had collapsed (at free fall speed despite never being hit by anything), a full 20 minutes before it actually did. Perhaps they could have interviewed the actual architects of the Towers who maintain the buildings could have withheld an airplane crash into every single floor and still not collapsed? Incredible. Not one question, ever. A total deliberate cover up by these Marxist war criminals at Radio NZ in our view – and they pose as tax payer funded saviors and journalists. Not one independent investigation or even serious question about the “22 Hijackers with box cutters” myth before they started selling illegal wars to the public – and the associated murder of Kiwi soldiers and millions of innocent people off shore – according at least to their own subsequent reports. . War crimes trials and asset seizures would be the outcome in a fair and just society. They are not retarded folks – mostly quite intelligent in fact – they are simply compromised and corrupt to the very core in our opinion.

4 – ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – and always has been. Radio NZ has pushed every fake beheading and staged terror attack since 911, helping to cover up the ethnic cleansing and genocide across the Middle East for Israel, a foreign Nation, and making them all guilty of treason it could well be argued, as they use tax payer money to help a foreign Nation cover up its crimes, while Kiwi soldiers went off to die in the fake wars since 911. Radio NZ and its staff are in part responsible for the deaths of these young Kiwis in our opinion, as they failed to do their jobs as journalists for the Nation and instead conspired to cover up these fact – deliberately misleading the public.

Check out our article below for all of the fake/ staged/ false flag terror attacks the war criminals at Radio New Zealand have apparently helped cover up so they can better convince Kiwis to go fight and die for a foreign state and its latest “holy cause”……The same actors at every event. [use back page to come back this article]

The Great ‘Terrorism’ Hoaxes – from Boston to Berlin – #CrisisActors Exposed

5 – The NASA Hoax –  the fake journalists / Marxist  cult at Radio NZ push NASA’s nonstop bullshite and lies almost everyday of the week. Mind control at its finest. These soviet/ Marxist war criminals have most of NZ actually believing that they are monkeys flying through space on a magic gravity ball. Once you awaken to this hoax,  it is easier to see how the so called ‘elites’  are able to get away with drugging and raping children up and down the Nation on a daily basis without it ever being exposed or reported on by the tax payer funded fake news soviet agents…….its all just one big club, and you ain’t in it (to quote the great George Carlin).


6 –  We will come back and update this list with more war crimes, lies and treasonous deceit from the evil bastards at Radio NZ fake news – in the meantime we will start Tweeting it out …pop back up the top of the page and watch the view counter get adjusted backwards every few minutes by the real news censors that you fund at Wellington GCSB….just down the road from the fake news and child abuse cover up operation called Radio New Zealand. The view counter below is often more accurate, but even that seems to be under attack these days…..The revolution will not be televised, it will be in your heart 😉


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