Eve & the Apple iPhone in the Garden of Eden – Spiritual / Holy Sex Explained for Robosexuals

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Spiritual / Holy Sex explained for the chemically induced and free internet porn fueled Robosexual Generation (Robgens):


The Vatican / Pope recently fired the head of the Knights of Malta because he didn’t support sex with plastic & rubber for Catholics. ie) with condoms. A bit too old fashion he was, they claimed.

The new Aquarius Pope is reportedly very liberal, and thus isn’t too concerned about new age things such as the West supplying arms for all of the wars in the Middle East – simply the liberal free market in action. He believes Catholics should try hugging transgenders more often – everyone needs  a hug after all – and he is subtly encouraging abortion. So it should come as no surprise that he is also apparently a fan of sexual intercourse with lubricated plastic & rubber.

One does wonder if the Pope has ever read the Bible however because according to the Book, sex is literally described as being either the sin of fornication or the “immaculate conception”  – a fairly clear and very much polar distinction. There is also a good dose of pedophilia in the Old Testament of course but that is skillfully kept very quiet by the Pope and those who manage him.

When, as it is claimed, God sent His only Son/ Sun down to Earth to lead the Lamb of God/ Sheeple out of the proverbial ‘Red Sea’ of sin and into the famed Promised Land,  He unfortunately didn’t leave behind any specific instruction about sex with rubber & plastic, resulting in so much of the conflict and confusion we see today in the modern day Church.

Presumably this new ‘Liberal Abortion Pope’ would have spent many long hours at night praying for divine guidance and instruction re sex with rubber and /or plastic  – and possibly just ended up going with his own gut feeling in the end. Something along the lines of:

  ‘”go forth my people and enjoy the immaculate fornication with, and ejaculation into,  rubber &/or plastics,  populate your recycle bins and pleaseth thy Father in Heaven”  – with the accompaning side note that abortions should be limited whenever feasible.

This seems a fairly accurate description of the new age Catholic Church’s  spiritual guidelines for sex these days – and clearly putting Jesus, God & the Pharisees  to shame in terms of its creativity and liberal reach. This is also in effect what many are practicing these days – lots of fornication going on,  more often than not culminating in a sexual climax with a piece of rubber laced with chemical lubricant, conveniently flushed down the toilet once done.

The rubber is not retained,  seldom even thanked or honored in any way, nor even given a name – up to 500 million potential children each time,  chucked in the bin, never to be seen or heard from again. No Lest We Forget – nothing. Its like a little miniature alleged Holocaust every time.  The new age of sex with rubber, between couples. And possibly destined to go fully virtual soon – to make it even safer. Virtual sex between couples wrapped up in rubber, streamed live onto Facebook for your friends to watch and rate. Zuckerberg will no doubt be drawling in anticipation of the advertising opportunities.

There is another option of course – the Pill  – also somewhat encouraged by the new age liberal Pope  .Dominant males and submissive females might agree that the female partner will start taking the pill.

Doctors however don’t like to tell their patients that the drugs they  prescribe them will eventually kill them (the Pharmacies being the new age Pharisees). The birth control pill apparently alters a woman’s DNA and destroys the liver over the long term leading to obesity and all sorts of other health problems, and it is turning women into men according to some other research that we can’t be bothered looking up right now.  In short, The Pill Kills.

How can someone pretend to actually care about a partner they are encouraging to take medications that will eventually kill them, just so they can enjoy sex with them in the interim?  Men who encourage their female partners to take the birth control pill could in fact be best described as necrophiliacs.

Quite a dilemma.

As a side note, we could probably also all agree that “love thy neighbor” is a fairly improbable match for “vacuum suck that young child out of your womb and put it in the bin – if it will be  more economically convenient”.

Clearly this new age liberal Pope has struggled to a certain degree with some of his Biblical interpretations.

Could the problem in fact be as simple as English not being the new age Pope’s first language    and has he simply overlooked the ancient guidelines on sex, laid out in the coded astrological language of the Bible? Not that we wish to discredit the Pope at all, we hear he is very good with a pizza menu for example and every man has unique God given gifts.

Confusion currently reigns on the issue of religious sex and so at this point Media Whores would point readers in the direction of a hippie from Australia who speaks around 7 languages, including the Astro Logos of the Bible and is thus far better qualified than the new age / Bolshevik Pope at figuring these sacred guidelines out…In the videos below, Santos Bonacci explains the ancient ‘Holy’ science of sex found in the Bible,  followed by similar theories in the third video.

Presumably if sex is indeed ‘spiritual’ or ‘holy’, the new age Pope is right to encourage it, but it seems he may have missed some very important points. Included are such gems as :

  • the primary cause of male impotency is in fact the orgasm itself. You have a limited amount of ‘the oil’ – once the serpent is spent, its spent. Thus all the of the old perverts on Viagra these days – never learned to respect / practice a higher form of sex and are now poisoning themselves to death in a bid to  retain their ‘youth’.
  • men are supposed to try and retain and raise ‘the oil’ – not spill it into plastic bags and chuck it  in the recycling.The so called oil should be retained and raised up the “33” bones of the back – oddly enough the same age that Jesus was said to have died, before being resurrected after 3 days.
  • women who are constantly trying to tease and manipulate their partner into giving up his ‘oil’ are actually destroying them, therefore they have no respect for them and will most often end up cheating on them and leaving them. That is those older chicks you see around who look like they want to eat you alive  –  so we hear.  Likewise – Men who put too much pressure on their partners for sex will usually lose them. Not rocket science admittedly.
  • a woman takes an average of  3-6 hours to become “fully sexually activated” – this has been replaced in this liberal new age by a bottle of white wine, a kebab if lucky and followed up with some other commonly available pain killers later in the week.
  • full ‘spiritual’ orgasms when done right, are centered in the heart chakra and result in full body, rolling  orgasms, often described as “being one with God”, “in the Garden of Eden” or “Bliss” and better than all other sex you have ever had, combined, without the awkward communication issues that often follow. Centered at the heart is no small achievement however. (Just quoting someone else here it should be noted – this is not an invitation for more communists and Sayanim perverts to start following us around the place).
  • ‘immaculate conception’ can in fact occur when such practice takes place – and this is where the word ‘honey moon’ came from – couples used to practice this type of sex under a certain ‘honey’ moon to achieve conception while being careful to preserve each others long term health.There is apparently a psychosomatic seed that the ancients claim comes from the Moon (the Mother) and impregnates the solar plexus chakra – and thus the so called “immaculate conception”.
  • this is oddly enough the same sort of sexual philosophy as Kamasutra from ancient Hinduism. Not to mention Krishna is very similar to the word ‘Christ’ – also said to have been born to a “virgin” – but that’s another ‘story’.

Some Christians would be upset to see references to 6 hour unprotected sex binges, Astrology and even Hinduism being quoted in relation to the Bible and their Religion which hijacked it – but to be fair, the Lamb/ Flock still haven’t figured out that Isis-Ra- and eL are stars in the heavens above them as opposed to a genocidal terrorist state in the Middle East, so are clearly in need of better guidance.

The key point is (and as per usual) that people appear to be being misled and are missing out on far better experiences and even far better health, all due to a lack of knowledge which has again been skillfully replaced with foreign bank / corporate sponsored death cult garbage.

Not to mention that by posting really long winded strange articles about off topic stuff, we  pour a little cold water & distraction on some of the harsher accusations we made this week, without actually retracting or apologizing for anything.

Check out the info in the videos below – lost knowledge returning and replacing all of the modern day corporate death cult beliefs…..There is also an interesting reference to the 6 pointed star, which some of our biggest ‘fans’ / stalkers will no doubt appreciate….

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