The Satellites Hoax – Satellites Don’t Exist


Featured Image – a computer generated representation of the 14,000 odd satellites said to be in ‘space’.


When you think you have spotted a so called satellite in the sky at night – perhaps ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. why can’t I see the other 7,000 that should be floating around in my ‘hemisphere’?
  2. do you seriously think that sports stadium sized flood lights are attached to the outside of all satellites, then switched on and powered just so people down on Earth can see them fly by at night?

If you do a Google search for “satellites in space” all you will see is cartoon like computer generated images.

Its a joke folks. NASA is pure Hollywood and those who ‘believe’ in such science fiction Hollywood crap they have only ever seen on their television sets are unfortunately all victims of mind control –  suffering from various degrees of mental illness. Admittedly, there is a dangerously high percentage of the population who have been ‘juped’ into believing they are descendants of monkeys, flying through space on some sort of magic gravity ball.


The Red Bull Stratos ‘Space Jump’ Hoax – 1) no stars in ‘space’ 2) no oceans in the Northern Hemisphere 3) New Mexico takes up the entire northern part of the so called ‘Globe’ – not even a Europe to be seen. Wakey wakey. 

And check out how many of the fake photos have no stars in the background. It is difficult for the NASA / Hollywood Photoshop experts to add in the stars because an average astrologer could figure out if they were in the right positions or not – so they often just leave them out.


“The origins of satellites came from the mind of famous science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. He wrote The 1945 Proposal by Arthur C. Clarke for Geostationary Satellite Communications.  Arthur C. Clarke was a high level Freemason as well as a homosexual and self-professed pedophile, throw in satanism and you’ve got a heck of a guy. Arthur C. Clarke was writing science fiction stories along with other notable sci-fi writers Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard. Arthur C. Clarke did initially claim to know Hubbard, however later he denied that statement and thought L. Ron Hubbard to be completely crazy. That link to Hubbard had to be broken, all out rebuke works well…..”

“The Khazarians saw an opportunity to make a ton of money by pushing the space meme. At some point a scheme was hatched to fake launch satellites into space for profit. NASA also became a tool to constantly remind humans of our insignificance in the boundless cosmic order. NASA has been beating the divinity out of us with pseudoscience, propaganda and spiritual delineation.”

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