The Banning of Holocaust Denial, Freedom of Speech and the March Towards WW3


“When all else fails, they take you to war” – Gerald Celente. Hardly one of history’s greats, but a suitable quote nonetheless.

The official / historical account of WW2 was that the evil Germans were trying to take over the World and murder all of the European Jews and thus the Allies all joined forces to help destroy Hitler and his regime and reinstall peace and global freedom. Hollywood and the global media have helped us all celebrate this story ever since.

We now know however that Pearl Harbour was a staged event designed to get the American’s behind the war effort and that many other ‘official’ facts behind the war do not add up. The so called “gas chambers” had never been mentioned until well after the war when Hollywood started making films about it. It is also a little odd that having defeated the evil Nazis in WW2, the world has seen nothing but war ever since. The Second World War was closely followed by the Korean War, then Vietnam and Cambodia, along with numerous never ending wars in North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, all resulting in a combined death toll of millions more dead since the 1950’s.

This is a fine example of the “cognitive dissonance” that pervades the minds of people in this day and age – still so quick to acknowledge the war effort of the Allies in WW2 and constantly bowing down to and repeating the story of “the poor persecuted Jews” of the Holocaust, but never stop to think, question of acknowledge the 10’s of millions killed in global wars ever since. Not to mention the estimated 53 million other people killed in WW2 also.

Other obvious examples of this cognitive dissonance would be our Government and media’s focus on historic Maori settlement claims while NZ is being recolonized today also, and Government and media calls for an investigation into historic child abuse by the Crown while the justice system is still covering up pedophilia almost every day of the week.

These are all examples of the new age religion of Holocaustianity – worshiping claims of historic atrocities while the very same atrocities are happening all around you right now. Mind control at its very finest.

Fact is, we never achieved “World Peace” after WW2 – what we achieved was the creation of the State of Israel, the slow extermination of the Palestinian people, and never ending war and ethnic cleansing right up until this day.

One could be forgiven for asking if maybe we got it wrong? Or better put, maybe the official story we are fed is wrong? Why all the non-stop and never ending wars? Not least given our hard fought for “freedom’s and democracy”.

Well it is very simple really – it is because we do not in reality have “freedoms and democracy” – what we in fact have is ONE global financial banking system – and war is a business, with the end goal of global corporate government.

“Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws”- Baron Mayer A Rothschild.

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper – Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife.


Image – the Pope bends over to the kiss the hand of the Rothschild mafia Don in Israel recently.

The uncomfortable reality is that post WWII, a worn out and traumatised public across the Western World were fed a steady diet of rock and roll and alcohol, then pop music and coke, then hip hop and crack, coupled with toxic vaccines, and a daily dose of sodium fluoride added to the water, and a never ending stream of mind control bullshit from Holy-wood – as the same global banking mafia who staged WWII completed mopping up the rest of the World with war as they installed their central banking system in almost every nation on the Planet.

This ability to then lend money to the Governments of those nations and dictate financial policy allowed them to then set up their global corporate model, spearheaded by the likes of trendy brands such as Nike (using slave labour from other nations under their control) and McDonalds (plastic and other poisons to slowly dumb down and subdue those populations).

Indeed the billionaire class who own and control these global corporations, and the trillionaire banking families who finance them, have never had so much power and control. They now rule the entire World with their money and consumerism, jet setting around the world on private planes staying in luxury hotels all the way, if not their own private mansions and retreats.

And the last thing they want is for it all to end.

“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.” – Deuteronomy 15:6. ….’God’ is apparently an International Banker.

The sad reality is however, this has all been achieved via a privately run banking system that has been counterfeiting money out of thin air since post WWII, then lending that money to close family members and their business interests, all the while bombing the hell out of any nations which dared stand up for themselves and protest the loss of their sovereignty and so called ‘democracies’. The success of this globalist mafia has been based on lies, deceit, money counterfeiting, false flags, terrorism, war and genocide.

And the World is finally waking up to it.

This awakening started to balloon with the realization that the 911 attacks were completely staged as a means to conquer the Middle East, using Western financing and young soldiers lives. We were all lied to about Osama bin Laden, WMD’s in Iraq, Qaddafi etc – tricked into supporting another ‘Holy Cause’ for these people and their greed. Generally speaking, humans are not happy about bombing other nations and murdering other people’s children, once they wake up to the facts.

Since then, an avalanche of previously suppressed facts and new research has flooded the internet helping humanity to put the whole picture together – what the fake corporate news refers to as “conspiracy theories” – but really the story of how we have been misled, lied to and indeed enslaved since the so called victory in WWII, and far further back than that.

And as this awakening takes hold and balloons around the World – we now see the powers that be showing themselves for what (and who) they really are – seeking to ban freedom of speech and indeed even research into certain ‘holy’ protected topics, such as the Holocaust of WWII and even 911 and the climate change taxes of today…..

Media Whores previous / recent articles have documented how Amazon has just banned all Holocaust denial books, Britain is moving to ban ‘antisemitism’ and even Russia has introduced a law banning Holocaust denial. One wonders if Trump & the USA will be next as he is also clearly part of the same global banking mafia.

The term “denying” the Holocaust is used to describe even questioning the facts around the Holocaust, which is a  fundamental right of every human to freedom of speech. In fact it is a duty of researchers and academics to question everything – all of the time. It does NOT mean you want to ‘kill Jews’ or are some kind of lunatic racist (although this fear Jews claim to have that everybody wants to kill them is probably worthy of further analysis).  What it really means if anything is that you are simply antiwar, have had enough of all of the lies and deception and would quite like it all to cease.

Protecting and exercising freedom of speech is surely one of the best ways to go about it.

Below, Media Whores takes a look at other people’s research and opinions on the famed Holocaust. As the powers that be race to ban all such discussion – it is arguably more important than ever.






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