Breaking – King Kim Ping Pong Threatens to Nuke ‘New Zeerrrand’


Featured Image – North Korean Leader – another CIA/ Mossad pedo being bribed just like Trump and Putin etc….?


The good people of New Zealand hold their collective breath as they search Google Maps for another country with a very similar name, but spelled with a slight Asian twang…….

The idea that some halfwit / tinpot dictator on the Korean Peninsular is holding the World to ransom is beyond ridiculous. If they wanted this clown dead, he would have been poisoned or blown up long ago, same with his father before him.

Relax people – here is how you tell if they are a pedo being bribed by the bankers: if they are on your TV and haven’t come out and admitted NASA and the International Space Station are a hoax, rest assured they are some kind of serial sex offender with a bad coke habit. And that’s every single one of them.

Here is the real lowdown: the bankers who control the UK – via the puppet / German/ Jewish ‘Royal Family (in fact just illegitimate Rothschild inbreds) – took over China during the Opium Wars and then the Korean Peninsular in the 50’s Korean War. The only way to keep their power over the Chinese Communist Party and feisty South Koreans was to have an external ‘threat’ of some kind and ideally very close by. Enter North Korea and its ridiculous tinpot leaders. [Edited : passionate would be a better word for the Koreans –  as with most people’s perched on the end of a peninsular – and a rich culture].

Whenever the Chinese, Koreans or indeed the West get a bit too vocal and out of line, the bankers ring this puppet’s bell and publish it across the World in their ridiculous media.

This year the bankers had this fool issue some threats on the “Day of the Son” which just happens to coincide with the Jewish Passover and Christian Easter – all the same thing – the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox.

Give us a break.

Mossad has apparently murdered the brother of the North Korean leader recently, presumably because he wouldn”t go along with it all and wanted a normal life. Stitching up someone else in the media they own and control as per usual.

Those who rule the World govern by Astrology and nothing else – and they give the Lamb/ Sheep/ Sheeple religions, fear, NASA, ‘science’ and fake news instead.

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