Could Cameron Slater be a Part of a Global Pedophile Cult?


Featured Image – Cameron Slater  at recent fake corporate news awards – fat slob, sexual predator and blogger, yes – but could he also be a part of a demonic Global Pedophile Cult? Media Whores investigates….


Below, Media Whores takes a look at some of the pedophile ring and bribery accusations that have hit mainstream and alternative news in recent years and asks  how has New Zealand blogger Cameron Slater apparently missed so many of them?

Could it reasonably be asked – is it because he is playing some kind of part in the same alleged Global Pedophile Ring Cult and/or agenda? We know from the Dirty Politics emails that he is a fan of trying to ply “princesses” with drugs so he can get laid which is highly predatory behavior and symptomatic of a very sick man. Or has he just missed all these stories perhaps?

First some background information:

Cameron Slater found guilty of breaching pedophile name suppression laws – giving him almost instant public credibility in New Zealand.

Cameron Slater friends with the Israeli Embassy in Wellington

Cameron Slater runs off to Israel after being exposed in Dirty Politics

Cameron Slater dressing up in a monkey suit, targeting drunk “princesses” who will “flip it up” for threesomes.

Cameron Slater’s close media ally David Farrar / Pinko likes to dress up as a serial necrophiliac and child sex offender.

Cameron Slater continually covering up Israeli terrorism and false flag ‘war on terror’ hoaxes.

Now let’s see – how many of these news stories and allegations below has Cameron Slater reported on? And how many has he somehow missed or deliberately ignored?

Media Whores is not making any judgements here, we are simply asking the questions. Being “part of” the alleged serial pedophile ring which poses as Government and media these days does not necessarily mean Slater is also going out and drugging children for sex we should stress. One can’t rule out entirely that he was just on sick leave every time one of these stories broke and never realized his close mate David Farrar is a fan of pedophilia and necrophilia, or he is just tasked with covering up all of this pedophilia but prefers not to engage in it himself?

One should never judge a book by its cover after all.

Readers are free (so far at least) to discern for themselves….


The Justin Davis Files – including the Nick Smith child abuse ring allegations.


Image – creepy John Key’s sexual attraction to children is well known and exposed, but not by Slater.


Slater also missed allegations that Stephanie Key has been “passed around diplomats”

The real reason Trump will not release his taxes? Numerous pedophilia law suits…..

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