A Collection of the Best Staged Terrorism Attacks & Crisis Actors from the MSM


Best videos below- but first, some warning signs and safety tips….

If you still believe skyscrapers collapse when on fire or even when hit by a couple of airplanes – you need your head read. Light weight alloy airplanes do not fly straight through 4 foot square steel beams, and steel beams do not ‘catch fire’.

It is a rather awkward reality that the vast majority of human beings have their minds fully controlled by the small gang of deceitful bastards who own the media. Around 6 Global companies control almost everything we see and hear.

It is essentially a cult that they have created. The cult members usually wear the very best sneakers but are in fact mind controlled androids – believing what their ‘leaders’ tell them to believe over their own eyes and common sense. A farmer controls his sheep using bales of hay, while these media cult sheep are mostly controlled via fashion, booze and parties. The only qualification required is the inability to think for oneself.

“But why would they do it” we often hear people say. Well as far as we can tell, it is because they are a global gang of child sex offenders and use mind control on the sheeple so as to get better access to their children. Sounds shocking yes, but no less shocking than the revelations in the videos below.

If you are concerned that one of your loved ones could have fallen victim to this media driven corporate sex slave death cult, a good idea would be to raise some of these facts & questions below with them – good people will pick it up quickly. If they are stubbornly adamant you are just being a “conspiracy theorist”  there is a good chance you are dealing with a mind controlled lunatic. If the soul has already gone, they will cling to their cult beliefs like a wailing child. This is called “demonic possession”. The most ‘demented’ ones (same word essentially) might become aggressive and refuse to even discuss it. Perhaps consider staging an intervention with help from some slightly saner friends, then try to wean them off their chemical food diet, iPhone addiction and George FM dance parties. Most importantly, keep them away from the parasitic cult leaders who are sucking their souls and minds from them.

The cult leaders are usually the ones with the best ‘sneakers’ (how about that word), most toys,  money and titles, although will often go to great lengths to disguise themselves eg)  living in their parent’s basements and driving an old semi- collectable car. The mind control can be fairly intense as they have usually grown up with it and live in a  constant state of paranoid fear of reality. This constant paranoia is often kept in check via new age prescription drugs or large amounts of recreational drugs – booze included. Keep a close eye out for the confusing or complicated family backgrounds and associations, subtle lies, always explaining the subtle lies, slight of hand, bottomless credit cards, elaborate generosity,  cracks in the over the top smiles, secretive apps on their cell phones and $500 shoes that look a few sizes too large. Ponsonby is quite clearly a bit of a hub for these types and they can often be spotted lurking in the shadows while taking instruction from their iPhones.  Child abuse is often claimed to be the secretive glue that binds them, dating right back to Babylon. The cult leaders have usually been abused as children also and just think it is normal practice. Some experts claim it is part of their Talmudic religion which teaches sex with children under 3 years old is a divine truth, if not a duty. ie) best not leave them alone with children.

Being aware of these things can help keep you, your family and the public safe.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Hundreds more of these videos are online – just search your favorite terror event and add the word Hoax. Others have already done  the work for you – investigation that the corporate whores are meant to be doing each day, but have been too busy for the past 16 years taking selfies of their latest fashions to notice any of it.  Monkeys in suits posing as news and information.







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