How Many of New Zealand’s Judges are Involved in Mafia Crime?


Featured Image – cross dressing Queenstown Judge, Kevin Phillips – accused of “mafia styled” behavior in Queenstown Otago  – also alleged to allow multiple counts of perjury in his courtrooms ‘for the boys’, and once charged $10,000 to one offender for underage sex.


NZ author Greg Hallett wrote some books accusing the New Zealand judiciary of essentially being a mafia operation but was then chased out of the Country after several murder attempts, apparently by the very same judges he had named.

Which leaves his questions and allegations very much unanswered – just how many of New Zealand’s judges are engaged in the sort of criminal activities alleged by Hallett? Could it be more than we like to think?

Otago Judge Kevin Phillips featured above certainly sounds a little bit corrupt. The problem is we don’t know how much judicial crime is being covered up – are we just seeing the tip of the iceberg?

If Judge Kevin Phillips is prepared to ignore NZ’s  statutory rape laws for wealthy Otago families, destroying the lives of young Kiwi girls in the process,  what else might he be capable of?

In another case he was very quick to give name suppression to a local pervert policeman “to protect the teenage victim”. Hypocrisy at its finest some might argue.

He is also the judge that set the legal precedent that smacking over female cops and putting them in hospital is no big deal, as long as you can afford a good lawyer and are from a ‘good’ family – ref recent Delegats case

As a legal disclaimer, we are not intentionally suggesting that Nikolas Delegat is the same young man that statutory raped the young Otago girl and got away with it – but clearly when our laws are not upheld by the very judges we employ to do so, crime is encouraged not dissuaded and this new breed of ‘privileged’ accused will arguably continue to behave as they please. Not to mention it is a totally different legal system being run for the wealthy these days in New Zealand – can you imagine the result of these same cases if they were in parts of say South Auckland?

One also wonders how local Otago / Queenstown families feel about their local judge giving a relatively free pass for statutory rape & violent crime for certain privileged people in their region? Would you be OK with some spoiled rich toff statutory raping your daughter if you knew an 18 month court process would award you $10,000 compensation? The young girl was then forced out of her school and became suicidal.

In another case from Otago, Judge Kevin Phillips apparently allowed local Queenstown bouncer Simon Orpin to lie up to 18 times under oath to secure a conviction against a man whom the same bouncer even admitted assaulting. It is claimed that the Queenstown courts are running a mafia styled stitch up operation where the bouncers start fights with tourists to keep themselves all busy, clipping the ticket as hurried travelers seek to move on with their travels.

Laws are put in place quite obviously to discourage crime and its negative effects on the community and it could be argued that by setting legal precedents like the ones above, Judge Kevin Phillips is in fact encouraging crime in the region and across NZ. What is the difference we ask between a state employed judge who encourages and allows crime and a mafia boss who encourages crime? We would suggest very little. These are the very words of author Greg Hallett – that the NZ judiciary is in fact a mafia operation and the system “is crime”.

Oddly enough another Queenstown local has accused Judge Kevin Phillips of mafia styled tactics, committing theft of his property then colluding with police to cover it up.

Experts have long argued that the so called “war on drugs” run by government’s and their legal systems are just that – a crime creation movement. By criminalizing certain drugs but at the same time making sure they are at least partly available underground, the state is guaranteed a steady supply of victims for its courts and jails. Decriminalizing these drugs would wipe out the government’s new Serco corporate jail business almost overnight.

The other problem is that these self determining and somewhat ‘flexible’ judges apparently can’t be fired – once in, they are like ‘made men’ and seem free to do as much harm to the community as they please.

The question we have at Media Whores is; how much other crime are these judges involved in or encouraging in our community that we never hear about? Could these reports be just the tip of the iceberg?

NZ author Greg Hallett would seem to think so – see below:

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