Has Jeremy Wells had the Chop Chop? The Transgender Agenda in Corporate Media


Featured Image – Jeremy Wells – subliminal message? Experts say the entire  transgender process of turning a man into a woman can be done in just 10 months in certain parts of Asia.


They say life is often imitating art, but more and more we are learning that Hollywood is actually predicting the future.

Watch this 19 second clip very carefully

Below – Media Whores takes a look at some of the most successful transgender cover ups in this new age of high grade surgical knives and asks the question – could our own Jeremy Wells be an MK Ultra mind control victim playing out the Buffalo Bill character from Silence of the Lambs? And could he be placing subliminal “chop chop” messages on his shows and adverting billboards?

Our subeditor claimed Wells is always flashing his genitalia around the place, although mostly to men and on camera. Hey, if they can fake the Moon and Mars landings, surely they can fake an appendage on some B Grade pervert in the NZ media? And one can’t rule out he is still in the ‘pre-opp’ phase like Buffalo Bill…….

Another Media Whores video investigation follows:

Disclaimer, admittedly this post is only semi serious/ humour.

Can anyone confirm if there is frequent loud music coming from Jeremy Wells’ basement?


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