Henry Makow on ‘Satanism’ & the Illuminati


American author and researcher Henry Makow has some interesting views on this so called ‘Satanic’ cult and the ‘Illuminati’.

Being ‘illuminated’ doesn’t sound that bad to us at Media Whores but the word is certainly not what it used to be. When you realise something new for example, you suddenly feel quite ‘illuminated’ and its a rewarding experience – but if the end goal is beastiality, child abuse and endless sodomy you can unfortunately count us out.

Readers would have noticed we post a lot of references to Santos Bonacci’s work also – it could be said that he is trying to ‘illuminate’ people, but at the same time teaches that we should not be killing anything (animals included) and should ‘save the seed’ ie, abstain from rampant sex. He is constantly quoting scripture, whereas they new ‘liberal’ so called ‘satanist’ seems to screech in pain if they hear anything from the Bible and generally refer to it all as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

So where does the truth ‘lie’ ? (Dear oh dear-  how language terrorises us).

One thing that is very apparent – there is a large and growing bunch of extremely fkd up people out there, even in good old NZ, whose entire lives now focus around drugs and sex and no level of dishonesty and depravity is off limits.  As Henry Makow (himself Jewish) points out – the liberal media and culture has painted this up as some kind of social victory when in reality the people on this train are having the souls sucked out of them while feeding the corporate vampires at the top. He argues it is nothing more than a design for slavery, much like the Sodom and Gomorrah model. A small group of Talmudic worshiping demonic serial child abusers at the top, with a basement full of whacked out soulless zombies underneath them according to Makow. Sounds very much like your average restaurant or bar franchise oddly enough.

It is clear that there is a small group of very sick demented individuals operating at the top levels of our society (or system if you will) who are working furiously to suck in as many others as they can. Many if not all of them are child sex offenders according to many experts and it is said engage in no end of depravity – feeding off the people they draw in. Don’t be fooled by them – the only reason they get away with it is by being extremely deceptive and hiding what they really get up to. Simply ask them if they think 911 was a staged event.

These are no doubt the ones issuing all of the orders via the secretive new iPhone Apps – a small bunch of very wealthy pedophile ‘satanists’. Their Auckland homes and apartments probably resemble something like this scene from the movie 300 on social occasions – before the cleaners come through at least. It is however more likely that they have the genetic deformities of the grovelling little Judas goat (Hollywood is very clever at swapping characters like that). Many in fact argue that genetic inferiority is the driving motivation behind their quest for world domination & endless sodomy. So much pain and destruction due to what is essentially just a very bad case of genetically small penis syndrome. Tragic, but there has never been a solution for it and they have unfortunately turned towards crime and pedophilia instead.

It seems to us that a large part of the problem is that these perverted freaks are also the ones printing the money upon which everyone is dependent to live and are therefore able to finance and steer the whole agenda …

Henry Makow explains more – note, these are his views & we would wish no ‘digital harm’ upon the little gang of satanic pedos allegedly running the show…..

“We are oblivious to the fact that we have been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. My adult lifetime has been characterized by a concerted drive by the Illuminati to eliminate all limitations on sex beginning with marriage, and leading to pedophilia, incest and bestiality.  Pornography plays a central role in this program.

The satanic purpose has been to reduce all human relationships to the level of a cheap and transitory thrill, the orgasm;  to reduce human beings to the level of our bodily appetites and defeat our spiritual nature.

Elsewhere, this website has identified this satanic agenda with Cabalist Jews and Freemasons. (See Freud’s Part in our Satanic Possession and Liberal Jews, Sex & the New Satanic Order)

At the same time, heterosexual love has been insidiously attacked by undermining women’s confidence and trust in men. Women have been encouraged to be wanton.

We should have no illusions. Mankind has been thoroughly sexualized because this is the principle form of satanic and political possession.
Anonymous sex is the antithesis of monogamy and family. Yet anonymous sex is now the norm. We have been conditioned to think of anonymous sex as “self expression” and “liberation.”

In fact, it is the unfolding of their satanic methodology. It is how they dehumanize and destroy their members, how they win them for their evil deity. Progression in the higher ranks of Freemasonry entails a series of increasingly degrading and perverse sexual practices, all designed to flaunt God and nature (i.e. what is healthy and good.)”
– See more at: https://www.henrymakow.com/sex-as-occult-possession.html#sthash.iAHGgfQz.dpuf

“Born in 1949, my lifespan corresponds to a massive social engineering campaign on the part of Satanic elites to destroy the institution of marriage and family.

This has been done by separating sex from both love and marriage (“sexual liberation,”) and by teaching young women to seek sex and careers instead of marriage and motherhood (“feminism.”)

Why? To make us servile. To change human nature, the Elite first needs to destroy the four legs of human identity: family (gender), race, God (religion,) and nation.

How? They use the media to make people think self-destructive behavior is advanced and “cool.”

Who? Illuminati bankers like the Rothschilds are the mainspring of the “Elite” and control the mass media. They belong to the Sabbatean movement, a Satanic Jewish heresy of the 17th Century which many Jews opposed. The Sabbateans went underground and infiltrated Gentile society through fake conversion and intermarriage. They took over Freemasonry and used it to control all important social institutions and political movements, including Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Liberalism and Zionism. Their headquarters is the Bank of England and the City of London. – See more at: https://www.henrymakow.com/liberal_jews_sex_the_new_satan.html#sthash.UjsmAHK4.dpuf


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