Judge Kevin Glubb – Pedophiles Welcome in New Zealand


Featured Image – ‘liberal’ Judge Kevin Glubb – funded by you and promoting New Zealand as a safe haven / destination for pedophiles.


“A man who emigrated to New Zealand has been convicted twice for sex offending since his arrival in 2012 – including while on bail – but will not be deported if his record stays clean for the next five years. In 2015 Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari was jailed for two years and one month for five charges of indecent acts on girls aged 8 and 10 and indecently assaulting an 18-year-old.”
–  Herald

Let’s put aside the very immigration law that Judge Kevin Glubb is paid to enforce for a minute and ask the question- are serial pedophiles and sex offenders welcome in New Zealand?

That seems to be the message Judge Glubb is sending out to the World – if you are a serial pedophile and/or sexual pervert, New Zealand would be the very best possible place to apply for residency because you can apparently rape and molest as many underage girls as you like and still not be deported.

Section 15 of the Immigration Act makes it clear that those convicted and sentenced on one or more occasions to certain offenses, not least pedophilia, are not eligible to stay in New Zealand. Forget that however and forget the fact that this corrupt idiot is paid by tax payers to uphold the law and protect citizens – lets send the message out to the World and indeed people already in NZ that NZ welcomes pedophiles! We will work with you to try and solve your problems, no matter how many girls and women you abuse. We are liberal and that’s what we do. Please call your friends and family abroad and share the good news – NZ is a haven for pedophiles.

This is the same agenda to normalize pedophilia and destroy values that we see being rolled out across the West these days and it is being implemented by corrupt pervert Judges who are being bribed for the same sorts of crimes themselves according to many experts – see references below. There is an avalanche of similar claims coming out across the Western World. These so called judges are encouraging pedophilia and need to be exposed and called to account for what they really are.

Under the Crimes Act of New Zealand, it is called Treason to deliberately work towards undermining the laws and sovereignty of this Nation when occupying a sworn position. We would also argue that Judge Kevin Glubb is now guilty of the crime of treason and should be arrested immediately and put to trial with a view to a 13 year prison sentence.

We note he imposes the full force of the law when someone steels from the banks – but abusing Kiwi children is apparently OK. The police should be searching this judge’s house immediately for any clues as to how he has been compromised in our opinion.

Another arguably treasonous bastard named in the Herald article is “Judge Paul Gittos” whom they refer to as a “convener” whatever the hell that is. How about Pedophile Enabler or Pedophile Minder? Or is that not politically correct?

It is clear that these corrupt perverts are deliberately destroying NZ’s laws and sovereignty in our view, not to mention failing to protect young Kiwis. Whether the victims are also recent arrivals or not, everyone in NZ has the right to protection under existing laws  and indeed that is the reason many come here. These corrupt perverts are clearly failing in their duty and breaking their sworn oath to uphold the laws of New Zealand. They should be rounded up and put on trial along with any other so called ‘civil servants’ who behave like this – like professional pedophile minders, or worse.

This global pedophile/ Sodom and Gomorrah agenda needs to be exposed and stopped and that means calling out these corrupt Bolshevik/ Marxist perverts posing as politically correct  ‘justice’.


Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse  tried to remain silent – another bent/ compromised Judas Goat. Round them up and put them on trial – these freaks are promoting pedophilia in our Nation. 

Immigration Dept rules on deportation

Rest assured another part of the agenda is to inflame tensions around immigration also – NZ has a long and well documented problem with judges and pedophilia long before the new record immigration numbers – it is the same judiciary and “just us” system operating here after all and they are responsible for creating most of the crime in New Zealand.

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