The London Westminster Terror Attack Hoax / False Flag


Media Whores missed this one due to our dedication to the sunshine.

The March 22nd (322/ Skull and Bones) Westminster Terror Attack in London – carried out by the system to keep control of the system.

One wonders if this demonic little club of child abusers will try staging some of this crap in New Zealand. If they do, rest assured senior ‘masonic’ members of the emergency services, police and government will be involved in the cover up, as will the perverted narcissists in the media.

They certainly have the numbers around for it. These freaks are following Media Whores around almost everywhere we go these days, via some kind of App they have on their cell phones. Really need to carry a camera one day when out and about and film them all crawling out of their holes, iPhones in hand. Its the Zombie Apocalypse alright – but not what we think – its actually a bunch of very well funded ‘Satanists’ who long ago lost / or sold their souls. Auckland is full of them and they seem to be on call anytime of the day to go track down their ‘targets’. ..Researcher and author Henry Makow refers to it as some type of Kabbalistic Satanic Possession .In all fairness, it appears that some of the members of this cult are actually quite sane and rational, but unfortunately seem to be going along with the entire agenda anyway…..

Article – Time to Unite – London Terror Hoax

Let’s start with the mannequin under the bus…..

The 7/7 False Flag Train Bombings







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