Bump: We are the Real News – the MSM is 95% Fake


Featured Image – our back end statistics – most likely also hacked. Copied at 6pm  Sunday April 9th. Images/ stats updated from a back end system we just found on the hosting service.


The Revolution Will Not Be ‘Televised’

Bumping this article each week so people are aware- watch our new article views get knocked back every hour or so each day as they go viral and the real news gets more and more popular. There is a small tight nit group of fascist perverts controlling your minds people – not to mention abusing your children in the kindergartens, schools, doctors rooms and MP’s offices, and probably under the court houses also – and they are on their way out…..rest assured.

Over 180,000 unique visitors since our first post on September 1st 2016 and over 6 million hits (no pun intended). Averaging around 500,000 hits per month – but if you watch the views on front page articles they seldom change. They are hacked and stopped in their tracks. Could be thousands more for all we know.

We had over 110,000 unique visitors and 3.4 million hits in November 2016 before they started hacking the site. These freaks do the same thing to Youtube videos that resemble truth.

Click to enlarge.

The website uses PHP software which is owned and run by an ‘Israeli’ company, and our view counters are monitored and hacked downwards or just halted every day.

We estimate our actual statistics could be 100-1000  times more than these numbers – some articles were on 150,000+ views, before we were halted.

The article we published on Monday about Media Works promotion of pedophilia as tax payer funded liberal ‘humor’ reached over 4000 views in a few days, but has been knocked back to “1681” views where it has stayed, apparently it just stopped in its tracks. Fact is it went way viral and Big Brother made the decision to make it look like it had stopped. In just ‘7 days’ it has reached over 12,000 readers according to the back end counter.

Same with our article on Jack Tame and demonic possession – halted at 110 views as it went viral.

We are the new Real News folks – that shite you see on your TV is 95% fake – pure CIA/ Mossad invented mind control lies designed to take you slowly to your grave, while you pay your taxes and live in fear, like a  good slave. We would say 100% but as far as we can tell, the car accidents they report on are mostly true, albeit encouraged by Simon Bridges and the Ministry of Transport.  A multi billion dollar car crash reporting operation v’s a $300 blog done for free. Times they are changing 😉

Media Whores suggests the entire corporate media would be far more use to society if they were all put out into the fields each day to help grow food for the poor, or perhaps reeducated as some type of customer service representatives, away from children.  Along with 121 MP’s, and most of the Judiciary & Bar Association.


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