Reclaiming Dominion – Return of the Kings


Featured Image – the Sun appearing in the clouds and walking across the water just over in Piha – everyday, lest we should ever forget.


The World we live in is awash with different beliefs and opinions.

Some ring true more than others for different people with the end result being division and conflict and thus the business of governance and religion then inevitable demand for medi-sins for all of the resulting dis-ease.

Thankfully, the age of belief is now over and all of the false beliefs and indoctrinations are being exposed for what they are – Masonic mind control.

Poor old Plato was 2400 years before his time.

Regretfully, the corporate whore media has failed to report on this fact, between all of their advertising for bank loans, processed foods and pharmaceuticals.

Your beliefs are ball-shit. All of them.

  • The climate is always changing as the Sun completes it’s 25,920 year cycle (out of our hands).
  • Your car is not powered by imaginary dead dinosaurs (its the blood of the Earth and we shouldn’t be digging it up anyway).
  • You are not a monkey flying through “space” on a magic gravity ball (leave the poor monkeys alone).

To name a few of the obvious ones.

The ‘Consciousness’ has returned, floating through the clouds, walking on the water, as foretold – despite best attempts to spray the thing and ‘cover it up’. It is a Universal ‘filtration’ device for the soul of man which will expose all of the ‘infiltration’, reveal all, restore truth, set us free and result in the return of Knowledge and the Kings and Queens in their rightful Kingdoms. Every man as a Sovereign.

Time to reclaim your dominion – and your mind – from the ridiculous perverts who pose as your saviors.

Santos Bonacci on Reclaiming Your Dominion – (Tribute to the Ram )

(Admittedly one thing Santos does seem to overlook is the size of the Roman nose. While they used to hold your ”soul’ in the Vatican – it is now apparently being held on a server somewhere in Israel, without your knowing consent it should be added. Santos’ also corrects himself on Geocentrism in his more recent work).



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