Is the New Zealand Corporate Media Just a Front for Child Abuse Rings?


As I have said, the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”. Spymaster

[Featured Image- Duncan ‘Garner ‘- to garner indeed – keeps popping up on adult dating websites despite being ‘happily married’ – has been sent the the Justin Davis Files which expose the powerful pedophile rings operating in New Zealand, but ignored it –  censored the Bill Clinton and Donald Trump pedophilia allegations, gives constant cover to Nick Smith MP, and pushed the “fake news” narrative for his sikco handlers at Radio Live/ eviL/ Media Works. Is covering up pedophilia the main purpose of these perverts who pose as media? ]

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Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666

Media Works Logo – XXX/ 666  satanic media porn posing as news – Radio Live/ Evil – owned by Jewish billionaire Howard Marks


Image – Kim Blair, one of Duncan ‘to’ Garner’s producers at Radio Evil/ Live / 666- does Kim Blair coach Garner on how best to cover for professional pedophiles operating in New Zealand?  ..More on Kim Blair – whats up with all these Aussie media whores who come here and appear to be either promoting pedophilia or covering it up?  Which is the same thing essentially. Perhaps Kiwis should demand investigations into their pasts in Australia? 


Image – Kim Blair of Jewish owned and controlled Radio eviL/ Live/ 666 – with Media Works/ Whores /’comedians’ Jono & Ben- who crack more child sex ‘jokes’ than all other comedians combined.Bet they have a whale of time together. 


Does the Zio Worm Foreign Bank controlled Shadow Government of New Zealand only hire and promote perverts, retards, pedophiles and corrupt narcissistic megalomaniacal sexual deviants into all top media roles to help protect their ‘elite’ organised child abuse rings? We investigate….. 

The way every single New Zealand news outlet and so called ‘journalist’ has covered up Israel’s involvement in the 911 attacks and so called “ISIS” is clear evidence of a coordinated conspiracy by psychopaths who will cover up genocide, ethnic cleansing and terrorism to keep their jobs – but could these corporate media whores be even sicker than we think?

As the #PizzaGate Scandal broke internationally two weeks ago – alleging  how the political elites of the World use “pizza” code language as a front for discussing child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking – the hordes of overpaid mindless monkeys and sexual perverts that pose as journalists in New Zealand all trotted out the phrase invented at short notice to counter the scandal – that being “fake news”.

Anyone who has looked into the Pizza Gate Scandal can see clearly that there is cause for concern – the language and symbols allegedly being used by these ‘elite’ pedophiles who pose as authority and government is even detailed on FBI warnings about pedophiles and pedophile rings. Check out this Youtube video on Pizza Gate  if you are still catching up on these facts.

This situation has highlighted nicely to Kiwis just who in the New Zealand media is actively covering up allegations of child sexual abuse, child sex trafficking and pedophile rings in our Nation and abroad.

And if the Pizza Gate scandal and mainstream media cover up was not enough to convince people that many in the corporate media could be involved in these pedophile rings and/or their ongoing cover up – at around the same time there was a story that broke about a massive pedophile ring in Norway being busted, including top politicians, policemen and even media personalities – and that story was given a blanket ban by the New Zealand media also. There are in fact hundreds of such cases where NZ media’s top brass appear to proactively cover up child abuse scandals – from Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, numerous Windsor/ German Jewish Royal pedophile scandals to MP Nick Smith, to the Westminster Scandal and even our own Justin Davis Files, which exposes how most of the strange or unsolved murder cases in NZ allegedly involve these pedophile rings stitching  up innocent people for their own crimes or bribe NZ police, media and judges to try and cover it all up – including Scott Watson, Bain, Lundy, Ewen McDonald,Teresa Cormack and numerous others. Is covering up pedophilia the main purpose of these ridiculous corporate media whores who pose as journalism in our Nation?

Images – Ian Wishart and his close ally Leighton Smith – the Justin Davis Files would suggest that these two work tirelessly to confuse the facts around occult child sacrifice and the powerful pedophile rings that operate in New Zealand. In fact Justin Davis alleges that Ian Wishart even holds book launches at the same venues used by these ‘elite’ pedophile rings. Wishart’s cover up of the Scott Watson wrongful conviction stinks to high heaven, as does Leighton ‘Playboy’ Smith’s – they both refer to “the police files” when discussing the case, when everyone who has studied it knows the police files contain zero real evidence – not to mention all the photographs of another ketch of the same description in the bay at the same time – Justin Davis even names the owner of that alleged boat in his testimony . Covering all this up is the smoking gun of Leighton Smith and Ian Ian Wishart’s involvement in elite pedophile ring cover ups it could be argued. If we were running the show, we would be sending a team down to excavate Leighton Smith’s mansion basement asap. 


Image – Leighton Smith’s mansion at 53 Munros Road Clevedon is on the market – is Smith another rat about to flee like John ‘the King of Pizza’ Key? And does he know where the bodies are buried, so to speak? One wonders what other secrets Leighton Smith could have hidden in the ‘basement’.

This seems to be the standard in New Zealand – most top media personalities pushed the “fake news” narrative in regards Pizza Gate, without asking any questions at all, and most of these same so called ‘journalists’ are consistent in their work avoiding pedophile and pedophile ring allegations in New Zealand and around the World. One could argue they are bound to avoid any such stories by law, but our opinion is that most of these people make a full time living out of doing so.This is refereed to as “professional pedophile minders”. If not worse.  It often seems that this is in fact their primary function and purpose in the mainstream media.

Kiwis need to ask themselves – are these media personalities (or ‘journalists if you must) just doing as they are told, or could it be something more sinister? We at Media Whores have studied many of these people closely and it is clear to us that many of them are quite deliberate and consistent in their efforts to cover up and silence pedophile ring stories and allegations to suit the political agenda of the time, and are very active in giving cover for many top politicians who are surrounded in pedophilia  allegations, even our own politicians. Our view is that some of the more junior media whores are just doing as they are told, fearful for their jobs and careers, many of them being child abuse victims themselves, groomed and mind controlled into careers where they protect their abusers and then often become child abusers themselves – but it seems clear that most of the senior media whores are very accomplished and attuned in their role of making sure child abusers who pose as our government and “justice” system remain protected and hidden – free to abuse as many Kiwis as they please….they are some might argue  highly paid to do just that. Other freelance commentators argue it is in fact their primary purpose.


Image – Jack Tame & Matt McLean – the new age ‘liberal’ faces of NZ’s pedophile protecting corporate media. These morons believe in any fairy tale they are instructed to ‘report’ on- such as skyscrapers collapsing in their footprints when hit by airplanes, and a gang of 500 men dressed in monkey suits taking over the entire Middle East armed with Israeli / ISIS issued Toyotas and iPhones. We would like to see these two do an investigative piece on whether child sex abuse victims are groomed into media roles in NZ to help the shadow / zionist government better cover up their own child abuse rings, and if such media whores usually then become sexual deviants and pedophiles themselves? Perhaps Women’s ‘Weakly’ could run it? – Sauce (pun intended)



Image – Larry / Warry Williams – who has a boy playing teenage love themes throughout his afternoon ‘news’ show, where he gives almost constant cover to the occult mass murders of the Zio Government such as Pike River, and the Hope Smart elite pedophile ring cover up, and constant fake cover for numerous pedophilia scandals – also a big fan of Donald Trump, careful to cover up his ties to the Epstein pedophile ring. Warry Williams likes to brag about his lavish tours of 3rd world nations, famous for their ‘cheap services’ and popular destinations for these types, where it is easy to ‘express’  themselves while armed with their ill gotten gains from the foreign bank owned and controlled NZ  corporate media. Looks like something out of a reptilian horror show. 


The  ‘Jewish’ man behind many of the political polls in NZ and one of John ‘the Pizza King’ Key’s top media strategists – and author of KiwiBlog – David-Farrar, dressed up as serial pedophile & necrophiliac Jimmy-Savile. Necrophilia is just a bit of fun for these people apparently.

Mark Sainsbury on “perving at kids”


Image – the highly paid, wined and dined Media Works/ Whores Mark Wilson, Duncan Garner and Australian import Kim Blair – just how much ‘elite’ pedophilia do these fun lads cover up as part of their jobs at the ‘Jewish’ controlled Media Works company?


Image – Instagram Mark Wilson of Radio Live / eviL and Media Works “Fuck this, fuck that,”  etc, followed by arrows, then some pictures of kids dressed in ‘satanic’ attire…..suitably symbolic, or more subtle programming by the 666 club?

How many of our corporate media front people have name suppression for child sex abuse crimes– check out this list and you decide……Here

It is our opinion that there is reasonable cause for concern- and perhaps Kiwis should be asking themselves, is the New Zealand corporate and state media just a front for powerful child sex gangs that operate here with impunity?


Image – John ‘the Cheese’ Campbell – you don’t last this long without knowing what’s going on – also pushed the fake news story- not to mention covered up Israel’s involvement in 911 and the mass murder of 4 million people in the fake war of ‘tera’ since – giving him certified war criminal status by any serious analysis. If Campbell is prepared to help cover up war crimes and the ethnic cleansing of 4 million people to save his career, one can only imagine how involved he might be in the NZ child abuse ring cover ups.

Radio NZ – Toby ‘Manhire’ on fake news

….& Mike Hosking  were caught hiring a 14-year-old Polynesian boy from a church of sex

Willie Jackson, Whanau Ora and the ‘elite’ child abuse rings


Image – Steven ‘the Dildo’ Joyce – probably the filthiest sell out in New Zealand politricks – if anyone knows where all of the skeletons are buried, if not quite literally, it is this low life. The man who built the satanic Media Works empire which pushes debauchery, government murder cover ups and protects the ‘alleged elite’ pedophile rings operating in NZ – before bailing out that same company with tax payer money and facilitating its sale to its foreign bank owners – Howard Marks of OakTree Capital. Joyce should stand trial with a view to having all his assets seized and see it out his days in a purpose built labour camp in our opinion. If the Zionist bankers are bribing child sex offenders into positions of power in NZ, this would be the first man we would want to see detained and put in a camp to await trial].


Image – fat head Jewish businessman Luke Dallow – involved with George FM (96.6 / 666) which promotes pedophilia , A class drugs, and debauchery on the airwaves to Kiwi children and youth – pushes poisonous RTD’s to teenagers for a living now as well as helping sell off Auckland housing to wealthy immigrants – loves money, but bit short on morals in our opinion – also known to go on rants on air about how Israel ‘didn’t’ do 911 – protecting the homeland like a good little Sayanim ?. Another top contender for labour camp ‘reeducation’ and asset seizure in our opinion.


Image – Media Works ‘Comedian’ Guy Williams – say no more.


Image –  Media Whore Jeremy Wells – say no more.

Other stories in the media  :


Image- Thane Kirby George 666 FM – pushes sex, drugs and general debauchery into hundreds if not thousands of Kiwi homes every day of the week, essentially in exchange for bar tabs. You would have to be insane to let your kids anywhere near this pig and his radio show.


Image – Ryan Bridge Media Works 666 – known to hang up on callers who raise some ‘censored’ topics. Possibly ‘groomed’ since he was a young child.


Image- Tony Veitch – of Newstalk ZB Sport – known to fly off the handle and kick the shit out of his girlfriends. No known links to pedophilia scandals as yet, but how can the public have any faith when these freaks are put back into their jobs after committing violent domestic crimes? They are clearly protected by the corporate media. The public are the last to know.

Image – Newstalk ZB’s Tim Wilson – comes from a church minister family – has helped cover up Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks and the genocide of 4 million people since – what else is he capable of? Also likes bow ties, like infamous UK media whore Jimmy Savile.


Image – Mitch Harris of Radio Live and Radio NZ – also from a churchy family – has covered up Israels involvement in the 911 attacks and the genocide of 4 million across the Middle East. Has said before he thinks all humans will die due to the ‘man made climate change’ hoax”. Pushes every ‘satanic’ agenda out there. What ‘church’ exactly is this freak a member of?

Stephanie Key – it is now alleged the poor girl is “passed around” government officials – and painted up by the NZ media whores as ‘cute art’ – also pictured, the freaky Key family with Jewish child trafficking victim Katy Perry….and Max Key- clearly has his own issues.



Image – ‘Zionist’ owned global media – tasked with covering up the Israeli State (Isis) involvement in the 911 attacks, and the fake war on ‘tera’ (earth) since, resulting in the genocide of around 4 million people, including thousands of young American, British, Aussie and NZ soldiers (mostly American) – all wars for Israel as they take over the Middle East. Also charged with pushing the fake ‘man made climate change’ hoax for the Rothschild owned carbon exchange banks, and covering for the hundreds of other hoaxes and eugenics based social engineering programs being rolled out across the Western World (mass immigration to water down our democracies and the staged refugee ‘crisis’ they created being two obvious ones). And all  arguably held in place by promoting psychopaths and pedophiles into top positions of media and government and even local councils. If you are a sexual deviant, a pedophile and/or a psychopath, these people want you – because you can be relied on, bribed, blackmailed and controlled. Wake up New Zealand- these demented freaks are destroying your Nation.


Image – Howard Marks, the Jewish billionaire behind Media Works XXX/ 666/ hoaX hoaX hoaX. How many Media Works employees have name suppression for child sex abuse? And what’s up with the tongue dude ? #LizardDNA??


Image: a selection of mainstream media whores and regular spokespeople  – a mix of brainwashed useful Goy, and sick satanists who are fully ‘involved’ – many of whom have pushed the “fake news” cover story which appears to be designed to cover up the ‘elite’ child trafficking and pedophilia allegations of the western political class – the same politicians most of these people interview and promote all day long….are they just doing what they are told, or is it worse? Could they all be part of the same “club” as John ‘the King of Pizza’ Key described it, before fleeing the country?

More on the how the sicko NZ media cover up the child abuse crimes of our pedotricians.

More on the ‘satanic’ child sacrifice rituals alleged in the #PizzaGate Scandal

[Lawful  Disclaimer – they call themselves Jews, but they lie]



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