Science Witch ‘Nanogirl’ Michelle Dickinson Pulls Out of Sodium Fluoride Debate


Featured Image – Science Witch ‘Nanogirl’ Michelle Dickinson


This revolting corporate sell out continues to push toxic sodium fluoride / rat poison on Kiwi children while posing as some kind of role model.

Michelle Dickinson has pulled out of a scheduled debate on Sodium fluoride in our water :

““Nanogirl” Dr Michelle Dickinson Reneges on Fluoride Debate”

This immoral media whore apparently can’t even figure out the difference between calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride, two very basic compounds, one being organic and good for your bones and teeth and the other being a toxic industrial waste product which causes brain damage and bone cancers (and is being added to your water).

“Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ”

It should come as no surprise that this low life is apparently a proud supporter of Israeli ethnic cleansing in the Middle East also

We would consider Nano Witch a very dangerous person to let your kids anywhere near.

Media Whores has documented a huge amount of evidence and allegations showing and alleging  that ‘famous’ people in the media are often used to procure children for very sick ‘elites’ who fund them. Given her positions on poisoning & bombing children, we would strongly suggest NZ parents do their very best to keep their children away from this corporate monster and relentless media whore.

In particular- we would advise readers to never let their children go to any events or places where this woman is paid to lure youngsters to eg)

Take a look at the satanic crap these masonic freaks at MOTAT push on Auckland kids:


ie) throw away your books little girls and just become a demonically possessed blood thirsty witch instead. Right up Nano Witch’s alley.

If tempted to shrug off this warning – perhaps take a look over the Justin Davis Files first – your children are not safe in these institutions nor around the people used to lure them in, in our professional opinion.

Sodium Flouride-rat-poison

Other bullshit pushed on your kids by this ‘science’ witch:


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