Breaking – there are NO Aliens – just Hairspray


Sorry folks – but there will be no alien invasion. Although Media Whores are the first to admit it may have been a welcome break from the normal grind of taxation, red traffic lights and those revolting whores on the TV.

This is our Plane-T, man is an exact replica of the Zodiac / stars above him – we are made in the measure of Universe and have been here, alone, since creation.

Always be very suspicious of any word that has the word “Lie” hidden in it.

Common examples are the words “Believe” (in something someone else has told you), and Allies (the good guys won World War II but we have had nothing but wars ever since, resulting in today’s system of Global corporate slavery).

The words we use are  a spell after all – ABCD/ ABraCaDabra.

Aliens joins the long list of other hoaxes and manufactured events perpetrated on mankind to insure they continue to live in fear and uncertainty as to who and what they really are – namely a free and independent species under the sun, moon and stars above them.

Other obvious examples of such cons are:

  • the man made climate change hoax
  • the cold war
  • the holohoax
  • spontaneous nuclear war (a near impossibility)
  • the limited supply of oil from the ground (its been ‘running out’ for the past 50 years)
  • the Aids hoax (we were all supposed to be dead by now
  • ditto the Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zita virus and others.
  • the Y2K hoax.
  • the ‘democracy’ hoax (all sides financed by the same banking system).
  • the NASA and Space hoaxes.
  • the over population hoax (the entire World pop could be housed in NZ – if needed)
  • the war on terror (tera is Latin for Earth – the war on Earth)
  • gravity
  • and evolution
  • please refer our earlier articles if still struggling – and get off the processed foods.

All of these hoaxes are invented and pushed by the Global banking system and the media they have always owned and controlled purely to stop humanity ever uniting as one to demand they stop counterfeiting fake inflationary money then lending it to us all at interest just so we can buy more of their fake plastic crap, before the World ends due to one of the above hoaxes.

Many of the hoaxes are also designed to convince humanity that there is a never ending shortage or ‘crisis’ and thus hide the fact that we live in a World of absolute abundance with enough for everyone – yes, including a house, an electric car, a cell phone and a computer – and instead stay in state of semi petrified dependence on this artificial banking system and the media and govern-mentals they bribe and control.

To summarize – everything you have been led to be-lie-ve, is a lie and their is a small but very evil group of interbred fascists (by most accounts also child abusers) controlling your minds and leeching off you like blood sucking parasites. As uncomfortable as that may seem, it is in fact the cold reality humanity currently finds itself in due to its blind faith in the perverts paraded daily on their tela-lie-vision screens via non existent Saturn-lie-tes.

What is Done in the Dark Will Always Come to Light

Please be warned however – that if you ever actually wake up to these facts and start speaking out about it, you will be labelled an “antisemite”, be stalked by spies and probably have your bank account or credit card frozen at very inconvenient times. Go figure.

Rev 3:9

And it all starts with the simple realization that NASA does hairspray & photoshop – not ‘space’.












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