Mike Bayley & the Nick Smith MP Child Sex Abuse Allegations


Featured Image – Mike Bayley, Managing Director of Bayleys Real Estate


[Note the views being set backwards every few minutes as this article goes viral? The spies are censoring free speech from you to protect the so called corporate elites & the alleged pedophiles that work for them – TREASON. You and your family are their slaves].

This story deserves a special mention as it highlights the predicament New Zealand and indeed the rest of the Western World unfortunately finds itself in at the turn of the new millennia.

Bayleys Real Estate came to our attention when we noticed their Youtube ads one day which employed the use of the Israeli styled hexagon as one of their symbols. The Youtube ad has since been removed but here is the symbol they use/d:


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The Hexagon is a symbol for the “Cube” in Jewish “Kabbala” – Kabba being the Cube. It represents the number 666, as a cube is 3 dimensions by 6 sides. Same as we see on the Israeli flag. It also represents the material or the material World as most solid objects in this World are made up of Carbon and Carbon Isotope 12, which has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. 666 and the Hexagon also represent the star Saturn which has a naturally forming hexagon on its North Pole.

The Bayleys Real Estate Hexagon


Bayleys office Hamilton – the Black Cube at “96” – 666

This is the occult science (or Kabbala) which is used to rule over you and keep you in your little cube shaped cage. Those who use these symbols and science do so to better enslave you so they can rule over you and prance around like your heroes and saviors (Gods) on the red carpets, according to some experts.

Mike Bayley and his little gang of corporate criminals have been making record profits in recent years under the National regime as they have sold off record chunks of New Zealand’s housing stocks to cashed up foreign buyers, thanks in large part to the so called “Free Trade” agreement signed by the previous Labour regime which allows corrupt Chinese Communist Party members and others to buy as much NZ housing as they like, while Kiwis are not allowed to buy any property in China. Its a very neat example of how the illusion of democracy works in the West – morons still try to decide if they should vote left or right, but you always get the same little gang of perverts at the end of the day – a foreign owned Rothschild banking system which finances all of the pedophiles and puppets in politics while allowing a small select group of “Chosen People” and their families to get fabulously wealthy at the rest of our expense as their so called ‘liberal’ agenda rolls on regardless. Its a Global mafia operation in short, posing as a ‘liberal’ free market democracy.


It is also arguably treason as defined under NZ law as it serves to undermine the Sovereignty of our Nation. Indeed Phil Goff has been accused of treason recently for his work on that ‘free trade’ agreement, but we would be adding to that list also, possibly every MP that has served in the NZ parliament for the past 30 years and certainly anyone who has not spoken out about the corrupt banking system or the fake war on terror (war crimes in our names). Any MP who has gone along with the fake war of terror is in effect a war criminal, if not a child sex offender being bribed. Have you heard any speaking out?

There is a good legal argument that those behind this agenda should be rounded up and put on trial, with a view to seizing all of their assets before putting them all in labour camps or jails for the rest of their natural lives – or a good chunk there of. After a fair trail of course and in humane camps, we are human beings unlike the people who support the bombing of other people’s kids. Existing laws cater for most of that, and we think it would be a suitable outcome for their deceit and fraud and the harm they have done to our communities.

This story gets far worse however when we consider that in that same article we also referred to the allegations that have been made that the Housing Minister Nick Smith MP is running a child abuse ring from his Nelson electorate office. Again, this is another major issue across the West these days with more and more allegations that many of our politicians are in fact pedophiles being bribed by the Rothschild bankers into committing treason and selling out their Nations. Some are now referring to it as the Rothschild Pimpocracy model.

It is alleged that Nick Smith fits that description and we all witnessed how he stood up in front of the Nation each week and lied about the housing crisis saying firstly that there was none, then it was out of their control, they couldn’t do anything, or that they had it all under control – the story changed each week. Much like his ‘work’ on the environment as Fonterra raped our countryside and NZ farms were sold off to foreigner interests also. How do you convince a little rat like that to stand up and lie each day to the Nation as the housing stock was being sold out from underneath us & the environment and waterways decimated? Well according to the Justin Davis Files and numerous other stories & allegations from across the USA, Europe and Australia – it is done by putting child sex offenders into those positions of power and then bribing them to do what they are told.

The interesting thing was essentially Mike Bayley’s response to our article – he hired  private investigator (Mike Gillam) from an expensive Auckland firm who apparently have a history of working to cover up pedophilia allegations and set them out to harass those involved in this website and their family members (starting with family members it should be noted – much like the mafia would do).

This action highlighted to us that Mike Bayley was probably already aware of the Nick Smith pedophile ring allegations or simply didn’t care that his housing minister was alleged to be abusing children down in the Nelson region – he only appeared to care about what we had written about his company’s greed and therefore arguably his own back pocket. What’s a little bit of child rape in times of record profits after all? Mike Bayley even got in touch personally with some of those involved in this website and tried to talk them into taking the article down – no mention of Nick Smith at all and a clear display of intent in our view.

This appears to be the realization across the West these days, that ‘our’ politicians no longer work for us or represent the public, they are all instead working for the foreign bankers and the large corporations while stuffing their own pockets at the behest of a few people and families who seem to think they have been Chosen by God to do so. And it is the high crime of treason according to NZ law.

Mike Bayley - Peacock
Mike Bayley – Peacock

Image – Mike Bayley swanks around on the red carpet while record numbers of Kiwis go homeless and can’t afford to buy homes – apparently he thinks that’s fine, but even if it it involves the alleged sexual abuse of other people’s children?

Now take a look at the other videos, evidence & allegations below and ask yourself – are we being governed over, and indeed sold out by a small group of interbred corporate fascists with ties to the global / Rothschild / Vatican / Swiss banking system, who apparently seem to think that raping other people’s children is OK, and that bribing pedophiles into positions of power is OK, as long as it results in record profits for their families and themselves? Hardly sounds like democracy does it?

Then ask yourself, do you agree that if that is the case they should probably all be rounded up and put on trial for their alleged role in this apparent treason? Then democracy and justice restored to NZ, not least so Kiwis can keep their children safe from this mafia operation and the people it appears to sponsor, employ and protect.

It appears this is now unfortunately the broader question for the entire Western World – do we want to be governed over and ruled by a small group of what might well be referred to as corporate fascists who seem to think they have been chosen by God and that child abuse is little more than a useful tool in maintaining political control and thus record profits?

And can we even ask such questions in today’s climate given the alleged ties these ‘family members’ have to the Israeli Mossad whose job it is to simply murder and assassinate political dissenters, much like they do to Palestinian children who throw rocks at them in the West Bank?  Given it is alleged even our own chief justice in NZ is the top Mossad officer here and is married to a serial child sex offender herself, what hope is there of any justice within the current system?

Gets tricky doesn’t it. Perhaps we should all just stay quiet and pretend these people are in fact our God’s and let sell off all of our resources and abuse as many kids as they like?

The wholesale rape and theft of our resources, coupled with the wholesale abuse of the Nation’s children, and the secret police sent after anyone who dares complain about it. Sounds worse than Nazi Germany doesn’t it? Maybe it is the same gang after all.


We at Media Whores tend towards thinking it is high time the entire World called out these freaks, held them to account and restored peace and justice, and not for the first time in history.

“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you” – Deuteronomy 15:6 (No prizes for guessing who wrote that script – the so called scribes and pharisees of his-story).

We should stress here that the Nick Smith MP Nelson child abuse ring have not been proven or heard in a court of law – but in an open and just democracy they should at least be investigated and not swept under the rug simply because it might upset the corporate agenda and those who are making record profits from it.


Media Whores also contact the Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse’s office for comment today, but he was unavailable and his press secretary who is funded by you but didn’t want to be named (Yvette McKinley) said she could neither confirm nor deny any such allegations.


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