Media Whores has up to 1000 Visitors every 50 Minutes


Featured Image – from website host back end visitors report.

This report when generated shows the previous 1000 visitors to the Media Whores website.

As you can see, we had 1000 visitors in just 50 minutes when we generated this report on the 27th April.

You will notice however that the views on most articles do not change much through out the day.

This is because the website is hacked by the Israeli controlled 5 Eyes spies that your tax money funds, via WordPress and the PHP software that it runs on – as are many other real news websites.

NZ Zombie Democracy

Our other statistics reports do not match these figures, so they have not been able to hack this one. We hit 110,000 unique visitors in November before the spies (funded by you) finally got on top of it.

(The hacked stats- probably around 1/10th of our real numbers)

“The revolution will not be televised” – from Tel Aviv. Rest assured however you are reading one of the most popular websites in New Zealand right now.

You can guarantee it will be this fat lying slob below who wins the corporate media awards for “Best Blog Site” before he slobbers off to try and abuse drunk girls with his necrophiliac fan mates….the fake World is a very sick World….run by very sick people……


Share the good news with others and help expose the sick perverts who seek to control our minds so they can abuse our families and kids. They don’t want you to know they are faking the war on terror, poisoning your food and abusing your kids.

WWW is the long awaited World War 3 – and its an information war to determine the New World Order. The bastards fight dirty, and always have.



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