The Magnum Opus – Everything you have Never been Told.

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Just as the birds start chirping in the morning as the Sun appears and the plants all start growing in summer, everything on this material plane is effected by the various lights in the sky above us.

We live in an electric Universe and everything you see and sense around you is guided by the energies from those lights in the ‘heavens’. As Above So Below.

The vast majority of people deny this and yet they all wear a wrist watch and/or  follow time – the 12 hours of the day and the 12 months of the year in the calendar. The exact same thing. Denying astrology is a form of mental illness. One obvious example is when you ask “What time (hour) is it” you are actually asking “Where is Horus” – the Sun. Then nod your head and say “Yes” – up and down, just like the Sun, the IHS/ Yeshua. Yes you are – worshiping / following the Sun.

All of the religions, all of the fairy tales, our mathematics, all alphabets and languages all come from this one source, the science of light and the journey of the Sun.

If it is knowledge you seek – this is the best 4 hours available on the internet (and tragically yes, we have watched almost everything).

This is the knowledge that is used to rule over the World. Knowledge is Power and the truth shall set you free. If you learn this ancient hidden knowledge, you will be able to decode all of the bullshit around you. .

The so called ‘elites’ whom you elect spend almost all of your tax money and most of their own money on programs designed purely to insure you never learn this knowledge – poisoning your food and water,  education, media, vaccines, farm-aceuticals and Holy-wood being obvious examples.

Admittedly – it is the advanced class and probably needs to be watched a few times over. It will not appeal to everyone.

Part two launches straight into the Pineal Gland (Pineal being a word censored by the Google/ Alphabet Ltd spell checker). Pineal Gland in the Bible

The Christ in You


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