What is Really in the Vaccines? Dr Self Love – GP Lance O’Sullivan #Vaxxed


Featured Image – Kaitaia GP Lance O’Sullivan – Big Pharma’s liberal / multicultural bag boy – this self loving prick has been so busy collecting prizes and awards that he apparently never read the ingredients on the vaccines he helps push on poor NZ families.


What’s the difference between a new age liberal corporate Maori and a new age liberal corporate European? Not much it seems – selling your soul does not discriminate based on race.

This prick has apparently also missed all of the whistle blower reports on the harm that vaccines are doing to people.

Some claim that Big Pharma make different strains of their toxic vaccines, with safer ones for the wealthier schools and communities, and the more toxic/ dangerous ones distributed around the poor areas. All they need is some useful idiot to help push them – narcissism is a must and the money is very good.

How did Dr Self Love Extraordinaire miss all of this? Well presumably because he was far too busy collecting all of his prizes and having his photo taken.

Unless this fool had ever actually read the ingredients list? Then we guess he is just plain evil and should arguably be in line for a very lengthy prison term.

Click image below to read some of the ingredients these freaks are injecting into children…..

Your body is its own pharmacy – it is designed to keep you healthy, that is what all of those organs are for, each has its own specific purpose. All you have to do is keep your temple clean by only consuming real food, not processed crap laced with dangerous chemicals, numbers and preservatives. Dr Self Love will never tell you that however, because then he can’t sell you drugs and be flown overseas to collect his prizes.

They are a horrible breed these modern day doctors, drawn to the money and ‘glamour’, pushing toxic drugs and vaccines on innocent people for a living. Many of them become drug addicts themselves and they have a very high rate of early death, often due to drug addiction or suicide. Try not to let your children anywhere near them if possible – just eat right instead.

Whistleblower Claims CDC Covered Up Data Showing Vaccine-Autism Link

Ever heard of metabolic brain disease? A team of nine scientists from top Egyptian medical schools and universities may have just confirmed that one in every 50 American children has it, and its primary cause could be mercury in vaccines.- Source

The ten worst ways your children are being poisoned right now: vaccines, food, video games and more – #1) Multiple vaccinations that inject mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde into children – Natural News.com

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