How to Keep Your Family Safe from the New Zealand ‘Government’


Featured Image – MIchael Woodhouse MP – ‘owch, its still hurting guys’ – his press secretary Yvette McKinley could neither confirm nor deny if Michael Woodhouse has any previous convictions or has ever had name suppression.


Global Corporate government is the new order of the day – albeit unannounced and never voted on.

Much like in the movie the Hunger Games, a small group of inbred corporate elites who have deemed themselves ‘Chosen by God’ now rule over us – via Global tax free corporations – a plan hundreds of years in the making since previous sell out leaders allowed the Rothschild private central banking network to infiltrate our Nations and control the money supply. This octopus has now extended its fascist control to include an array of interbred tribe members and their corporations who have been financed with counterfeit money and protected via corrupt and bribed successive politicians. These both domestic and Global  corporations now operate relatively tax free in our lands and it seems that the politicians from all sides work for them and not us, they are even protected by the so called “Commerce Commission” that we fund to protect us from such a situation.

Citizens of the slave Nations under this parasitic corporate fascist regime (as perhaps best defined by Mussolini in WWII) are now expected to work 40-60 hours per week and pay up to 70% of their incomes as tax to the Rothschild controlled/ corporate ‘State’ and are then ‘taxed’ again on the remaining 30% via the these network of fascist corporate monopolies and cartels. This includes up to 33% direct income tax, ACC levies for the hospitals, rates on your homes (also built into your rents), 74 cents per litre on your petrol for the roads, vehicle licensing fees, then fees for most other Government ‘services’ anyway for example hundreds of dollars for a passport. You are then taxed a further 15% on anything and everything that you buy via the GST and the average family can chuck in a few speed camera fines each year for going 4 km’s over the limit one day to avoid being late for work and being further penalized by their bullying pervert employers. Not to mention billions more each year in extra alcohol, tobacco and gambling revenues – the Government’s primary businesses.You are even ‘taxed’ by these inbred bastards when you park your car – up to $60 per day in Auckland these days and another ‘chosen by god’ monopoly industry rubber stamped by the sell out perverts in the Government you fund.

Added to that is the fact that food prices, rents, bills and other services have all pretty much doubled and tripled over the past 10 years since the same Rothschild criminal system staged the Global financial crisis and used tax payer money to bail out their own banks, then started printing trillions of dollars in new counterfeit money to help finance their wars for Israel/ genocide across the Middle East, resulting in the rampant / Zimbabwean style inflation that we have all witnessed. Rewind to just prior to the 2008 financial crisis and a block of cheese in NZ was only $4. bread was $2, as was milk and honey was around $3 per 500grams.

This is then all packaged up and sold to you via the foreign bank owned corporate media as “Free Market Capitalism” in a “Liberal Democracy” and if you start to question it they label you a “conspiracy theorist” and recommend a course of corporate government subsidized antidepressants.

It is the new era of Global corporate slavery, or fascism if you will, as foretold and promised to a small group of ‘Chosen People’, with you as their chosen slaves, and you will be labelled as a dangerous ‘anitsemite’ if you dare question it.

“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.” – Deuteronomy 15:6

Clearly not the words of the same ‘savior’ this interbred gang are alleged to have murdered.

And rest assured, almost every large corporate you can think of and name is owned by one of these ‘tribe’ members. – The Zog, Who Owns Everything?

[Lawful Disclaimer: Rev 3:9 – they may not actually be who they say they are. We have to include that due to the new corporate fascist  anti free speech ‘digital harm’ laws]. 

How on Earth did we allow this predicament of Global corporate fascism run by a small bunch of interbred fascists to come to reality?

Well primarily it was due to the modern day ‘religion’ of Holocaustianity in which weak minded, lazy and brainwashed Christians around the World all bought into the now exposed lie that “6 million Jews” were exterminated by the Nazis in WWII, and have thus sat back and ignored all of the good teachings of their Bibles as the Rothschild banking crime syndicate (with the help of the United Nations they also help finance and control) went about infiltrating and taking over their Governments while allowing them to also invade, bomb and carry out genocide and mass murder in the other Nations around the Globe not already under their control, in their names and financed with their tax money.

Aside from the bombs, genocide and ethnic cleansing employed by this Global mafia, they have also used Economic Hitmen and bribery with an avalanche of evidence and allegations these days that they have in fact been bribing, promoting and protecting child sex offenders into many if not most top positions of Government and corporate control. We post some of those allegations and proofs below.

The judiciaries whom we all fund to ‘protect’ us have apparently  played a large role in allowing all of this to happen also, with allegations NZ’s own chief ‘just us’ Sian Elias is married to an alleged serial child sex offender and corporate ‘elite’ namely Hugh Fletcher, and the NZ judge Lowell Goddard (who looks suspiciously like a man) fudging the investigation into 50+ years of child sex offending by the British House of Lords and Westminster Parliament.

It has been a strategy of Biblical proportions that much is clear, and you can be quite sure that this this Global mafia all like to congratulate themselves when they meet up at their Satanic rituals to offer up their sacrifices to their God Moloch (or whoever it is), but it does leave the slaves of the Nations they are now wholesale raping and ruling over with that awkward question – just how many how many of our so called leaders are in fact serial child sex offenders who are  raping kids in our communities while we are all stuck in their factories and offices all day long?

This somewhat awkward question has been highlighted in New Zealand of late with the leak online of so the called Justin Davis Files which alleges that children are being drugged and abused in doctors offices, new age churches, schools and even in MP’s offices around the Nation almost everyday and with the apparent protection of the entire NZ ‘just us’ system.

We see little clues as to this situation in the media – but this is the same media that have successfully covered up Israels involvement in the 911 attacks and their fake / staged war on terror which enabled this gang to take all your privacy from you, so rest assured the perverts in the corporate media will be working as hard as they can to keep most of it quiet for their masters. By any serious analysis the mainstream media in NZ is also chock full of sexual deviants and compromised individuals, something we have covered well in previous articles.

The question for Kiwis therefore and indeed the slave citizens of other so called ‘developed’ Nations around the World is how can we best keep ourselves and our families safe from this alleged gang of parasitic child sex offenders?

Media Whores has composed a list below of simple questions that readers can ask their bosses, politicians, teachers, doctors, lawyers and judges to help determine if they may be one of these parasitic monsters and thus make better decisions about dealing with them, financing them, voting for them or indeed leaving your children alone with them.

Essential Questions to ask your so called ‘leaders’ and those in positions of assumed ‘authority’: 

  1. Do you believe in the now debunked story of “6 million” Jews being gassed in WWII (Holocaustianity)
  2. Do you believe that 22 Muslim men armed with box cutters successfully carried out the 911 attacks?
  3. Do you believe that sky scrapers fall from the sky at free fall speed when they catch on fire?
  4. Do you believe you are chosen by God, while others may not be?
  5. Do you believe Israel has a right to murder Palestinians and steel their land?
  6. Do you believe that a gang of 1500 men called ISIS have taken over the Middle East in just 5 years?
  7. Do you believe that the sodium fluoride being added to the water is good for your teeth?
  8. Do you believe we live in a ‘liberal free market democracy’?
  9. Are you a member of any new age churches or the Freemasons?
  10. Do you agree with the Talmud that sex with 3 year old children is a suitable past time?
  11. Have you ever had name suppression awarded to you by NZ’s Talmudic courts?
  12. Do you believe you are a descendant of a monkey, flying through space on a magic gravity ball?

If someone answers yes to these questions you are probably dealing with someone who is either under trauma based mind control themselves (ie, was abused themselves as a child, or simply got teased far too much), or worse, you could be dealing with one of these serial child sex offenders who pose as our ‘leaders’. Either way, you should NEVER leave your children alone with them and should make every effort to seek out saner people to deal with. Given what is at stake, it is far more advisable to err on the side of caution and make the presumption that you are dealing with one of these serial child abusers.

Asking these questions of those who pose as authority these days in our communities will help keep you and your family safe from perverted monsters. In fact these questions should be mandatory for all MP’s, Judges, lawyers/ liars, doctors, teachers, media personalities and other ‘actors’ in all of our communities in this unfortunate era. And especially the ones who pose as ‘comedians’.

The video evidence that these monsters have taken over our way of life below:

[We should also note that we have no evidence that Michael Woodhouse MP has name suppression for anything, but we did find it a bit concerning that his press secretary could not confirm such that’s all. Oh and the immigration situation is quite clearly way out of control – just look at the traffic. Nobody voted for it, so who’s agenda is Woodhouse actually following and why?]

Recent Name Suppression and related cases in NZ:

“Jury finds former St John ambulance officer guilty on all eight sex charges”

“Ex MP charged with indecent assault”

“Cabinet minister’s brother accused of abusing two 11-year-olds”

“National MP Nick Smith found in contempt of court”

“Hon Dr Nick Smith, M.P and the Family Court

(C) Found guilty of contempt”

“Permanent name suppression for top professional”

“Name suppression for Auckland professional”

“Doctor granted permanent name suppression”

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images”

But they only give name suppression to “protect the victims” right?

“Abused sisters lose High Court bid to name attacker”

“Investigated teacher refused to open laptop, but can still teach”

“GP accused of indecent assault finally loses his right to practice”

“Fight to keep name suppressed in couch-surfing case”

“Convicted rapist back tutoring”

“New Zealander charged with sex assaults on drugged backpackers”

“Permanent name suppression for prominent New Zealander”

“‘Prominent’ Auckland actor on sex charges retains name suppression”

“Sex offender Ronald Van der Plaat’s release angers Te Atatu community”

“Name suppression for New Plymouth man who imported pornography”

“Invercargill underage sex accused not guilty”

“Acquitted prominent NZer wins permanent suppression”

“Man jailed for 13 years for raping daughter”

“Name suppression threshold “too high” – QC”

“Sex offender seeks further name suppression”

“Kiwi entertainer retains name supression”

“Suppression for man on rape charge”

“Community work and name suppression for child porn downloader”

“NZ actor facing sex charges keeps name suppression”

“Judge declines to lift suppression of kiwi actor on sex charges”

“Comedian says incident was drunken accident”

“Wellington child pornography offender discharged without conviction”

“Pharmacist suppression orders lifted”

“Upskirt filmer gets name suppression”

“Name suppression for Auckland flasher”

“Teachers found guilty of misconduct over relationship with 13-year-old girl lose name suppression”







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