Freemasonry and the KKK Hoax

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Media Whores posted an article yesterday explaining that if you learn the universal science of astrology you will be able to decipher all of the bullshit that is used to control your mind and rule over you. Ref:  “The Magnum Opus”

We are governed over by astrological knowledge and nothing else. That knowledge is power.

False beliefs are then invented and created simply to perpetrate fear and division among the cattle so that they may be better governed over, farmed and taxed.

Here is one neat little example – the KKK Hoax:

The alphabet and numbers we use are all astrological code. In numerology, a letter of the alphabet is given a number value according to its position. eg) A, the Alpha is 1, B (looks like a figure 8 symbolizing division and thus infinity) is 2 etc….

Words are often carefully chosen by those who govern our minds in accordance with this principle/ science.

One obvious example is “Fox” ‘News’ (in fact all propaganda). F being a 6, O being 15 (which is considered to be 1+5) also a 6 and X being 24, also a 6. FOX in numerology is in fact 666. A carefully chosen word for their news propaganda and the controlled / fake news “far right” political movement. With Bill O’Reilly being just another sexual deviant being bribed by the bankers – as per usual for all of the fake corporate media – and of course one of the loudest supporters of Donald Trump, another sex offender being bribed by the bankers.

If we look at the letters for KKK, with K being 11, we get 11, 11, 11 which sums to the number 33. 33 being one of the key numbers in Freemasonry and also astrology (33 degrees of Freemasonry and 33 degrees in astrology)

This is telling you who set up and ran the KKK – the same people who set up and run Fox ‘news’ and every other fake controlled corporate  ‘opposition’ on this rather flat Earth.

Admittedly there are a large number of idiots who get sucked into these fake / controlled opposition movements and make other people look bad by doing so, but you can be rest assured that those pulling the strings are the same puppet masters as usual.

One obvious recent example was the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter movement, set up after Mossad police officers started assassinating innocent black citizens of the USA and were then protected by the Masonic / criminal judiciary. Just like the KKK, a Masonic operation aimed at creating racial hatred and division among peaceful human beings.

‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lenin (infamous leader of the communism movement/ genocide)

Learn more about how the   ‘Freemasons’ created the KKK to push racial hatred and division (and thus the need for government) across the USA – here – much the same as their corporate controlled NZ media & government does everyday of the week also. It is their primary purpose and pretty much the only reason they exist – to create fear and division and thus work for themselves.

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