Pythagoras on the Flat Earth – Cognitive Dissonance


The first thing your loving government does with your kids at school is plonk a globe in front of them and get them to draw pictures of it for the wall.


By the time they get to high school however, they are introduced to concepts such as Pythagoras which allows them to calculate the lengths of the sides of a right angle triangle.


Ambitious kids with even moderately psychotic parents are by that stage far too focused on passing their exams to ever stop and acknowledge the Cognitive Dissonance setting in. ‘How on Earth’ does this new theory match up with the pictures we were made to draw in preschool? Or even the geography we are learning now?


93 million miles away my ass.

This is how modern day doctors are created. By weeding out the kids who show they are prepared to forget what they have already learned or already know, even forget their own intuition, and simply accept whatever it is they are now being told ie) promoting the ones with the most psychotic tendencies  These morons then become useful putty in the hands of our masonic society. The smart kids start to drop out at that stage of the game and go sit on a beach somewhere instead. The really stupid ones go on to prescribe dangerous drugs to society.


Image – Doctor Lance O’Sullivan – establishment bag / poster boy – living in a “fantasy” while pushing new age drugs & toxic vaccines on poor kids.

The brain bashing of kids in our schools is the least of our worries really though, truth is they have no respect for them at all Ref, Nick Smith and Civic Creche Case cover up.

Some other common examples of Cognitive Dissonance in relation to our Flat Earth below – we have all indeed been deceived and brainwashed since birth so that the only things we really believe in are money/ monarchy/ monotheism and monopoly…… the modus operandi. No longer trusting our own senses and completely oblivious to the very World we live in. That is the true nature of the education ‘system’ – the conditioning of a permanent state of cognitive dissonance..It is mandatory child abuse – funded by you.

Keep in mind perhaps that the best source of truth is always just your own sense and intuition – so just step outside sometime and as the clouds float peacefully past you in the sky, and the birds flutter past in a random fashion chirping away, ask yourself – am I really spinning around at 1000 mph while upside down at a 23.4 degree tilt in New Zealand? If you allow the cognitive dissonance to float away, the answer will eventually dawn on you.

Flat Earth Hypothesis-1

  1. Clouds behind the Sun…..


2) Photos of ‘Space’ with no stars and no oceans on Earth (Red Bull Stratos ‘Space’ Jump)


3) The Moon only lights up clouds very close to it


4) Same with the Sun of course – Sun spots from 93 million miles away?


5) People see the flat Earth every time they fly, but still can’t figure it out. Why isn’t the airplane dipping its altitude every minute or so for the curve? It always stays at the same height, just check the flight computer.


6) Why is the horizon even at eye level when at 30 thousand feet in the air?


7) Here is one of our favorites – the Earth’s “Tilt” from 90 degrees just happens to be 23.4.  lol. 666 anyone?


Breaking News: You are not a monkey flying through space on a magic gravity ball

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