New Zealand has been Set Up just like South Africa


Featured Image – the South African Communist Party Logo


Its the same model folks. Infiltrate, seize all the resources, rape it dry while murdering as many people as possible (via the food supply, ‘sulphites’ in the wine, sodium fluoride in the water, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, antidepressants, understaffed hospitals, untrained & underpaid retirement home nurses, meth, legal highs,  etc but primarily via inflation) then flee the sinking ship with the loot once done, setting fire to it on the way out the door, back to the new safe haven military compound that our soldiers and tax money have helped secure thanks to the staged war of terror.. Sold to you as “Political Correctness” by the army of alleged sex offenders and compromised perverts across EVERY political party in Wellington and the mainstream / corporate media, with the blanket protection of the Just Us system and their name suppression laws. Justified because ‘God’ said it was ok – in fact promised it.

New Zealand produces and exports enough food to feed 60 million people every year, the foreign banks make $6-8 billion every year and expatriate all of it, the foreign corporations all operate relatively tax free as do the thousands of tax dodging foreign trusts set up under John Judas Key, while the actual citizens all labour under 60-70% net taxes and zero hour contracts while being reminded daily to be “politically correct”. Then asset sales and an extra $120 billion in counterfeit Rothschild ‘debt’ added on top to ‘make up for the shortfall’. It is total fkg madness is what it is.  Its called a free market ‘democracy’ though because you get to vote once every 3 years for your favorite coloured compromised perverts, every single one of whom have covered up the staged 911 attacks, the false flag war of terror and mass murder of a few million people in the Middle East for Israel, so they can spy on everything you do while adding brain damage causing sodium fluoride to your water supply to keep you all subdued (gee, would that be sub-jude?).

Start calling a spade a spade however and you may well be up for 2 years in jail under the new ‘Digital Harm’ legislation (in fact anti free speech laws).

Its a joke. Wholesale corporate rape is what it is.

(We apologize in advance if the wholesale rape of NZ  sounds a little politically incorrect. Legal/Lawful Disclaimer, they may not be what they say they are Rev 3:9. Maybe it is shape shifting reptilian lizards working with Nasa? Other people’s opinions and views follow….) 

The Boer War – How the Jews Seized South Africa – by Tony Norton (Read Article Here) 


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