Tribute to Venus the Emerald Morning Star – the ‘Southern Lights’

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The Southern Lights Colors – Venus the Emerald Morning Star rises in the Sign of the Bull  just ahead of the yellow Sun then purple Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. – Photo Stuff


The Masonic mainstream media whores have been deployed to try and cover up recent sightings and photos of the so called “Northern Lights” which for some reason are now visible in our Southern skies. The Masonic ‘God’ forbids that the slave class should ever actually learn who their real Gods are and risk that they begin to ‘follow’ them instead.

The Emerald Star Venus in our morning skies at present is highly recommended viewing. Best on a clear morning when slightly elevated away form the artificial lights of the cities. A Goddess on fire during her 8 year rhythm.

It is the Star  rising around 5am from the East  and commanding the entire horizon for a couple of hours before Horus the hero lights up the backdrop. Purple Mercury is apparently following behind the Sun. Notably also at the same time as Jupiter exits the stage over in the West. These Wandering Stars are the 7 colours of the rainbow, not to mention the 7 Deities of the week. 7 is the number of the heavens / Seventh Heaven.

Otago Museum director Dr Ian Griffin, also a former NASA employee was bought in to help confuse the public and label this as a  “mass ejection from the Sun” – pervert Masonic double speak according to some and certainly not true astrological science.  They get away with this by referring to it as “Astronomy” as opposed to Astrology – pronounced a bit more like Monarchy, Money & Monotheism.

Children around New Zealand schools will now be beaten and brainwashed with this fake Masonic mind control also – any gifted kids with intuition and a functioning brain will be locked up in safe rooms or detention for asking obvious questions. Frightening to think these sorts of people are responsible for the ‘education’ of the youth, but nothing new.

Many Aucklanders are already stuck in traffic by 7am so we suggest taking the entire day off and call it another National Holy Day. Whichever suits you. Just refer your boss to this article and explain there has been another Holy Cause. Surely there is no presumed authority standing between you and your Gods – not least a 1 in 8 year early morning invitation from the Jewel of the Skies.

The Waitakeres are a great vantage point. If you try to view from within the City you will probably just shrug your shoulders and head back to work – as the ‘architects’ intended.

The Royal NZ NASA Front have tucked the Goddess Venus down the very bottom somewhere, One is clearly not impressed. To their credit they have managed to include the word “brilliant”, but still sticking doggedly to their “light years” myth. You could almost reach out and touch this Deity, although that would probably be deemed a little politically incorrect.;

Venus and the Bull.

Venus in scripture

Venus and the Heart – The Heart conquers all.

Exaltation of Venus.

Santos Bonacci – Venus

Colours attributed to the planets

(Lawful Disclaimer – Media Whores put all of this together in a couple hours on Google and is fairly confident that we got most of it right.This is a vast improvement on the past 90 years of Big Masonic Lies , Mass Deceptions and Illegal Ejections of NASA, who are yet to produce even one real photograph of the Earth from ‘space’).


Stuff – the Northern, and/ or um Southern Lights photographed upside down at a 23.4 degree tilt in NZ, on April 23rd – absolute  Bull. 



Google acknowledges the so called ‘Southern Lights’ today. The green of Venus is faint, the yellow of the Sun/ Son and the purple courier of the Gods, Mercury.


Artists impressions




Rev 22:16 – Jesus “I am the Morning Star” – The Heart conquers all.

Is that passage referring to Venus or the Sun / Leo being the heart? The image has both colours. Need an expert on that one. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Leo is the Heart – could be either. Either way, it is all astrology. Not to say a ‘Savior’ never came – if it’s happening above it will be happening below

Bonacci on the Goddess Venus ….

(pre geocentrism,  but still packed with good info)







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