The Life of Brian… & Venus


Featured Image – Artists impression of the biblical Savior. Go into the heart to ‘ascend’. ie, the Heart conquers all.


[Disclaimer  – the author may have had ‘a few beers’ before writing this & generally specialises in making accusations, not astrology –  but will leave it all up as a future warning to ourselves – and the off chance it may encourage an immaculate conception]

The heart is the most powerful thing in the human body – it is your core. You have to go into the heart before you can ascend to the higher realms/ heaven. It can not be done using left brain logic, laws, reasoning, technology or bank accounts. Which rules out those who currently run the show and explains the psychosis we see in the ‘authorities’ these days. The left brain is constantly telling the left brain to protect itself – like a virus. This is also why the powers that be have given the Apps and iPhones to the apes – to trap them in a permanent left brain psychosis. A correction is long overdue and will happen naturally – this is referred to as Universal Law.

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The Morning Star Venus is sometimes referred to as the Heart of the Zodiac due to the shape it makes in the skies along it’s orbit- it is also referred to as the Goddess of Love.  Venus is sitting in the skies above us each day at present – in her favorite sign, Taurus the Bull. The heart energy is in its element and its a powerful force.


Photo –  Venus the Emerald Morning Star rises before the hero Horus (the Sun) in New Zealand. Mercury is trailing behind Venus and is associated with the colour purple and oddly enough referred to as the messenger of the Gods.  Photo taken April 23rd in Taurus the Bull, which is ruled by Venus.

The heart is in its element and that energy will be dispersed down here below.  Its the same principle as when the Sun hits 30 degrees on a hot day and everyone suddenly shows up at the beach – or more accidents occur on a full moon – the same scientific laws of light and energy. All of the lights in the sky effect us in different ways, depending on where they are located in our birth charts.

Modern day science and NASA bullshit is pumped continuously across the corporate airwaves to help confuse and hide this knowledge so that the public’s collective energy can be continuously farmed & harvested by corporations.

Google subtly acknowledges the Morning Star Venus today in their logo. Presumably the cyclist is the messenger Mercury, associated with purple in astrology.


It is all astrology – or astrotheology if you like.

The Corporations, Governments and NASA feed people non stop fairy tales to make sure they are never in tune with what’s going on above and around them.What they give the public instead is ‘The Life of Brian’ – fiction, fake science and false beliefs via their TV sets – the artificial light. Modern day cities are designed to block out and obscure these energies. Most people these days spend the majority of their time being zapped by artificial light and energy and thus fall further and further ‘out of tune’ with themselves and ‘the Universe’. (Point taken)

“We are all actors on the stage” – guided around by the lights and energies above. Except perhaps for the people who are now guided by their iPhones.


The Life of Brian

(Fiction- the Bull Shit they feed us all day long)

Ditch the left brain / logic / ‘smart phone’ virus and follow your heart like you were designed to do  – Brian, at the local pub one night. 

This calls for wisdom. The hour of the smart phone will cometh and will appear to perform all kinds of miracles and applications, but rest assured the left brain psychopaths will try to have it surgically hard wired up your rare end eventually –  the Revelations of Brian.

You are not suppose to follow each other , you have to think for yourselves – Brian, the Exodus.

Jesus saved himself, just as you have to – nobody is going to do it for you – (that one may have been Santos Bonacci to be fair). 


Despite leaving behind such pearls of wisdom, Brian the Reluctant Savior was virtually unheard of until the late 20th Century when a B grade comedy film was dedicated to his life works – paling in comparison to the better known (and best selling) Saviors of official His-Story.

Some researchers have argued that Brian was  just plagiarizing Plato, while the government scribes have claimed he was in fact a low level street criminal with an unusually large number of unpaid parking tickets and speeding fines – but the scribes have always gone to incredible lengths to stitch anyone up whom they deem a possible threat so are not taken very seriously.

We can all agree however that Brian’s words were clearly prophetic and hold true to this day. Half of Ponsonby already looks like smart phones have been implanted up their backsides [non fiction].

More on the Life of Brian below – the Reluctant Savior for the Coming Religion – not to be confused with the Holy Scriptures which are pure astrology and universal law – with a few whopping big lies added in by the scribes for their own advantage. Its the  Doctrine of the Coming One – just hang in their folks, there is always another election on its way – or a new App to play with – while you are getting screwed by the left brain weirdos.

Heaving up your Sole/ Soul from your Heel / Hell into the Head/ 7th Heaven via your Neck/ the Bull……(pre-geocentrism). The Temple of Man is the Measure of the Universe.


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