Google’s Tribute to the Morning Star Venus


Image – Google’s tribute to Venus the Emerald Morning Star.


Subtle but clear enough. All three of the colours in there – although the green is understated. The green emerald of Venus, the yellow Sun of God and the purple messenger Mercury. Perhaps NZ has been chosen for a virgin birth? Great for tourism if so – but always the skeptic, we would want to see the evidence of the three wise men [correction – found them]

Good on Google for noting it. The global corporates would have little incentive to welcome a possible Messiah but it does indicate where we are at – the stars in our skies and big astrological events have to be cleverly disguised for the masses. We are still crawling out of the inquisition.

The multi billion dollar mainstream media operation and entire education system – including all of the Universities – have missed all of it of course. Not one comment. Essentially a large chorus.


“I am the Morning Star” – Jesus

Said to have been born to a virgin – or possibly just a Virgo – around 9 months after Venus put on her show perhaps?

Venus is sometimes called the Heart of the Zodiac / Heavens and is known as the Goddess of Love.

Note how the colours all match up.Media Whores can smell a conspiracy right out to the East Pacific horizon.


Stuff – so called ‘Southern Lights’ – actually Emerald Venus rising ahead of the yellow Sun, followed by Mercury the purple messenger. Unsure why these lights would choose to show up now however.


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