The Universal Laws & Holy Science that Govern this Planet – Santos Bonacci


There has only ever been one source of all knowledge on this Planet.

It is the basis for all of the languages, the number system, the religions, most of our customs, written music, the colours we identify and even our understandings of the human body. It is written into everything and is divine in nature.

It is the same knowledge of what makes up this material World around us that the powers that be work tirelessly to hide from humanity – most notably via religion, NASA and various other false sciences – so that they may continuously farm your energy and abuse your children, right through until your untimely deaths. The ‘lamb’ or sheeple have been brainwashed into thinking it is ‘from the devil’ and thus spend their entire lives blinded to the artificial ‘Matrix’ that has been carefully constructed around them.

That source is the body of knowledge referred to as Astrology – the study of those lights in the skies, their seemingly timeless cycles, the angles (or angels) of light they create throughout those cycles and the so called Universal Laws that result. These laws have always applied, have never changed and yet are never mentioned by those who claim to be trying to solve the World’s problems. One example would be the fact that our Sun’s 25,920 year cycle is never mentioned when the so called leaders discuss the climate change issue and how best to tax us all for it. Another would be the phrase Right Ascension of Meridian which is used to measure the position of the Sun throughout its 12 month cycle – R.A.M quite clearly being the English word for the Ram, the sign of Aries where the Sun starts its journey each year. Ra was the  Egyptian God of the Sun and also happens to be the Maori word for day. In English we are affirming Right Ascension when we use the phrase ‘Rest Assured’ – as in you are sure something will happen – the Sun/RA will surely rise. It is all the one same language of the stars, the Astro Logos.

Don’t panic, its nothing new. Think Greek. Classics class was watered down a bit.

The universal laws as proven in the ancient (and current) science of astrology apply to everything we know (all hoaxes aside) and to every being on the Planet and thus render all other man made laws, theories and beliefs as either unnecessary, redundant or deliberately misleading. Hoaxes in short. Rest assured that If you do not know the source of our language and the words we use everyday, you will be prone to falling for the hoaxes and probably queue up for vaccine shots each year as well as the airport radiation scanners.

The insane materialists who invent and/or create most of the World’s problems go to great lengths to suppress any mention of the only laws and knowledge we really have. By most accounts they then use that same knowledge to design and control our governments, the global corporations and the corporate religions that are used to control everything. Knowledge is Power.

It is not the knowledge itself which is the problem of course, but simply that a small group of people retain it exclusively for themselves. They use this universal knowledge as a guide for everything they do while simultaneously insuring those ‘beneath’ them are starved of it. Feeding them instead a never ending stream of harmful misinformation, half truths, outright lies and deceptions – much like those numbers in the ‘foods’.

These are the psychopaths who put the sodium fluoride in the water, push the toxic vaccines on children and have quite clearly staged the entire ‘War on Terror’ as their latest mass deception and means of control. They wage a never ending war against the rest of humanity while hiding behind a corporate fortress of lies and propaganda to avoid being exposed.

One of our biggest concerns is the so called Justin Davis Files which makes it fairly clear that child abuse is protected in this current system and innocent people often get stitched up for it. The ongoing cover up of child abuse allegations is unacceptable. These people go to extreme lengths if they decide to silence people – we see it over and over. These secret groups seem to get a free pass and the question needs to be asked – why?  By any serious analysis child abuse plays a major role in the way these people control the minds of their victims. When we see these sorts of symptoms in our Nations and communities, it is clearly time to reconsider how things are being done.

The entire system relies on your ignorance. If people were to start paying attention to the universal laws and body of knowledge that encompasses them, they would very quickly start to recognize the lies and falsehoods that are peddled and unanimously reject them. It is fundamental knowledge that should be taught in public schools – but obviously that is the last thing those running the show would want. Instead they choose to abuse children in the schools, as well as the rest of us via their media, with a never ending stream of Masonic mind control. Obvious examples are the staged war on terror, fake economics, fake science, fake NASA, fake medicines, fake vaccines, fake ‘weather bombs’, ‘Southern Lights’, man made climate change, and on and on. Almost everything they teach or report is a Masonic deception designed to maintain their power over you. If people learned the truth behind the lies, that power disappears almost overnight, like the emperor’s new clothes.

Truth has a certain frequency – we all know it when we hear it but most of us have been conditioned to shut it out.The body of knowledge encompassed in the universal language of the stars is now widely available online for all to learn and is the key to shaping the future – as it always has been. The only question is whether it will be used to control people or free them. A huge amount of ongoing effort goes into trying to scare people away from this knowledge and the laws of those lights in the skies – they are told it is from ‘the Illuminati’ or ‘the Devil’ or ‘the Occult’ so that they avoid ever looking at it, and thus remain easily controlled by it.

Below is another good interview from Santos Bonacci. His references to “Rome” and the “The Roman Catholic Church” falls a bit short on the full story probably but he offers other explanations in some later interviews. Finger pointing is not the main goal obviously – sharing the information is.





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