The Conspiracy – a Bill of Review


Featured Image – Bulls eye. Tribute to the Full Moon.


 ‘The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.’ – Augustine of Hippo.

‘Get these demonic parasites out of your lives – or you will pay the price, with your very soul.’ – admittedly that one sounds a bit like something we would say.


Humanity is essentially governed over in these days by a small gang of dangerously inbred but highly dedicated serial child abusers and war criminals who work tirelessly in a coordinated fashion to hide all forms of real truth from public view while inventing and pushing out 1000 different distractions or hoaxes designed to keep you enslaved.

The males of this ‘tribe’ are invariably natural born sodomites whose primary objective outside of the day to day tasks of helping enslave the human race is to try and put their genetically impaired genitalia into anything that breathes air, with a pathological preference for other people’s children. The females of this ‘tribe’ are invariably whores from the very pits of hell, not to be confused with your run of the mill street or parlor worker who usually still have at least some sense of honor and respect for their fellow human beings. Many generations of inbreeding and sadistic practice has worked to confuse the actual gender of this gang and so a better gender neutral term in this ‘liberal’ new age is simply Demons. They are indeed demonically possessed and quite literally feed off those who still have a soul. Those who own Hollywood have been broadcasting this truth via all of their ‘Vampire’ & ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ stories in recent years. We have an infestation of soul sucking demonic vampires – and they have gone global.

It is imperative that Kiwis wake up to this situation and who these people are because they are masters at deception as well as covert tactics and if you are associating with them in any way, there is a good chance they well be trying to drug and sodomize you and/or your family also. That’s what they do. If you are partnered with one of them, it is probably happening to you on a regular basis.

It would be fair to also note that these demons are known on occasion to remember that they were once also human – but unfortunately this most often only ever results in prompt suicide as the reality of how far they have fallen sinks in. Suicide is indeed their biggest cause of loss right after chronic genital disease.

These demons team up with their distant inbred half brothers, sisters and cousins (from the sexual abuse and rape of previous generation of these demons) in the Nations they intend to infiltrate and destroy, then recruit the very sickest and demented within those societies and promote themselves into top positions of power and control. This is made possible due to the fact that each of the Nations these parasites leech onto already has a Rothschild owned and run central banking system – providing them with an unlimited amount of counterfeited fiat money with which to achieve their perverted agenda. Another important part of the plan is to carefully disguise themselves in the relevant fashions of the day so as to best blend in and avoid being identified as the serial child sex offenders and mass murderers that they are – the fashion of the day of course being  ‘Liberal’. We have written other articles on how best to spot them – here –  most if not all of the leaders hide their cold/dead/ soulless eyes behind ‘fashionable’ reading glasses.

Once pedophiles and psychopaths have been promoted into all important positions of politics, industry, media and the justice system, they then begin what could best be described as “feeding time” as they go about raping as many children as they collectively can while simultaneously targeting and persecuting the parents of those same children, thus creating a severely traumatized, confused and thus weakened society within a couple of short decades (ref Civic Creche child abuse cover up 2001) .This strategy is usually accompanied with various forms of unlawful mass immigration to help water down any collective dissent, as well as by flooding the target Nation with cheap booze and highly addictive illegal drugs – or Woodstocks and meth if you will.

It is a strategy for conquest as essentially laid out in their Talmudic Law and they even skite about how it has never in history been defeated. It is claimed that it is these laws of pedophilia and even beheadings which will govern their long awaited global ‘Utopia’ if they are successful. The philosophy and law is contained in the Talmud and the strategy for its deployment is said to be contained in Kabbalah – essentially the science on how to manifest the powers and energies of the planet Saturn, also referred to as the black cube/ kabba, the 666, the hex, or the curse over mankind and also the basis of the teachings of modern day Freemasonry.

This is the same strategy used over previous centuries to take out the various kings and queens of the World, perhaps most notably during the Opium Wars in China, the Bolshevik take over of Russia and the more recent invasion and destruction of Afghanistan following the staged 911 attacks.

The key to stopping these psychotic serial pedophiles and murderers is by unlocking and sharing the ancient holy science and its accompanying knowledge that has been preserved and passed on down through the ages by many if not most of the great writers and artists of time – a fairly good list of which can found on the Universal Truth School website.


The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo – the Orion Nebula. Painted long before the telescope was invented. We are all the Adomites – anyone with an Anatomy – Chosen by God. There is no authority that stands between you and your creator and we are all equally ‘chosen’ in that respect.

“Man is the Measure of all Things.” — Protagoras of Abdera (c .480-410 B.C.)

“The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe.” — Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)


Leonardo da Vinci – the Last Supper – Zodiac

This persecuted and suppressed science of the stars above us reveals how real human history follows only one path, that being the Sun’s 25,160 year journey through all 12 constellations of the Zodiac, divided into 2,160 year blocks and how the current sign of the Sun manifests itself down here on this material plane. Some readers will be aware of the Mayan Calendar for example which told us precisely this but was painted up as “You are all going die” by those who control the narrative and their bad actors (as per usual), thus encouraging the sheep/ lamb of ‘god’ not to look into it any further. This is the same strategy they use with the concept of “the Illuminati” as their worst possible fear is that humanity should ever actually become informed or  ‘illumined’.

Our Holy Savior – Helios, Hercules, Ra, the Sun of God, the Lion King leader of all 12 Tribes of Isis Ra and el (Aries through Pisces),  and the source of all life on this Plane-T – crossed over into the zodiacal sign of Aquarius around the 21st December 2012 (or shortly after), a once in 2160 year astrological event signifying an end to the previous Piscian Age of ‘doubt and belief’ (the two fish) and trumpeting the arrival of the new Age of Aquarius or ‘Knowing’ as this hidden knowledge is now poured down from the heavens via the ‘ether’ (or internet if you will) like a flood. We are living in this great flood right now.



As the season of the Sun shifts into its new ‘era of time’ every 2160 years, these blood sucking parasitic vampires race to implement their counterfeit system of government and mind control over the masses (or new ‘error’ of time), using the new technologies that the Universe has provided in that change of season. 2000 odd years ago it was ink and paper and then the printing presses used to publish the little black cube Bi-Bals (the second book of Babylon) with their Piscian religions of ‘doubt and belief’. This season it is the silicon chip inserted in the little black cube iPhones and laptops with complete ‘knowledge’ at your finger tips. The black cube/ 666 is there on display in every age, designed to control the narrative and thus enslave the human race, with the truth of who we really are hidden away behind 1000 different side shows, distractions and hoaxes, lost for another 2000+ years.

saturn-hexagonal-feature-cube-israel (1)

“The Hex” on the North Pole of the Star Saturn – the black cube, 666. The symbolism is all around you.


Rabbi -with a Black Cube strapped to his head. Hey why not? Worship of ‘eL’ – the Lord – Saturn, the 666. The energies of Saturn are not evil in and of themselves – but hiding that knowledge so you can use it against others certainly is. Admittedly this guys isn’t trying to hide anything and is arguably just trying to get the message across – Saturn governs your Crown chakra. You have your own Crown and have no need for anyone elses.

A Space Odyssey 2001 –  ‘Zionist’ owned and run Hollywood tells the Apes that in this new season of the Sun they will be given little black iPhones and Apps to play with while kept in the dark as to their own divinity. 

At the turn of the previous season 2000+ years ago we were all given little black cube shaped Bibles to read – the truth carefully disguised within its pages, as it now is on the internet among all of the hoaxes and distractions such as alien invasions, NASA, ‘the Illuminati’ and on and on. The same little gang of war mongering serial child sex offenders will rule over humanity for another 2160 years by spying on everything we do online via the little black cubes, thanks to the spy laws passed under the guise of the staged ‘war on terror’ (tera meaning Earth – the war on Earth). The technology belongs to the human race and is there to improve lives – if we are to use it at all – not so a small group of inbred demented perverts can spy on everyone’s children – and rest assured that is exactly what they are doing.

Whole airplanes full of passengers have been taken down to insure there is a monopoly over this new technology – 20 microchip professionals on missing MH370    . The Elohim/ Children of Saturn strike again……


More on the occult worship of Saturn – going back thousands of years – from wedding rings to graduation hats….

Humanity is now in a Race (funny that) to reclaim this knowledge as their own and along with it their own divinity and sovereignty – every one of us Chosen by God – before those who seek to enslave and control humanity can put the final touches on their global corporate (and digital)  ‘New World Order’ with all of us slaves to their little black cubes and false materialist ‘God’ of never ending war and pedophilia – Saturn – with themselves of course as the exclusive  ‘chosen ones’.

Somewhat ironically – the more time you spend researching all of this in front of your little black cube monitors, the more enslaved you actually become. Luckily others have done most of the hard yards for you and thus you can have more time for going outside and gazing at the Sun and the stars as that is the best means of realizing these truths, as we all know it inherently anyway.

“to whom God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” – Colossians 1.27

“So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.” – Genesis 32

Lawful Disclaimer – Rev 3:9. Many of them claim to be ‘Jewish’ but they lie about everything. A few simple questions will establish if you are dealing with a deceptive one.


Israel is in your head – Isis ra and el not some terrorist racist state in the Middle East. If you are living and breathing, you have been Chosen by God – rest assured – and there is no other authority over you, with the proviso that you must accept that every one else has been chosen by God also. ie) Do no harm.

They already own everything  and leech off you every day – but what they really want, is your soul….

Other opinions from other researchers on the www……(world war 3)

Sick demented actors on the stage – natural born deceivers and liars – coning their way through history by posing as the victims so they can mind control and prey on people….like vampires in the night…..

Once you awaken to who they are and their agenda, you will start to see them all around – the living dead….often using ear pieces with their smart phones to communicate with each other – many of them will be your bosses, especially around the trendy bar and cafe areas where they can extract the most information…and souls…..







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