Will Fanatical Jewish Terrorists / Mossad Stage any Manchester Styled False Flags in New Zealand?


Could Jewish racial fanatic terrorists start staging Manchester styled false flag terrorist attacks on New Zealand soil? Or worse, real terrorist attacks like the Port Arthur Massacre? Stitching up patsies like has happened in almost all of the other staged terror attacks in recent time? Given the allegations that the New Zealand Chief Justice Sian Elias  is the top Mossad officer in New Zealand, it is easy top see how they could cover it all up…….

Brendon O’Connell ripped Media Whores one recently for our articles on the Flat Earth conspiracy – granted he is no prized intellectual but he has the heart of a lion and his work exposing alleged Jewish racial supremacy and associated terrorism is unmatched – so here is some more of his recent work on the Manchester false flag terrorist attack and comparisons to staged terrorism Down Under…..

Legal- we are not suggesting that these Jewish terrorists Brendon refers to are the same “satanic inbred  freaks” we often refer to – readers are encouraged to use their own discernment before calling people names or using language as bad as ours. Lest we all start to become politically incorrect…or even worse, opinionated, or God forbid – knowledgeable and informed.




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